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STEM at Radnor

On 27-October, we learned with all of you that the last day of school of 2014 will be 19-Dec.  We will reschedule classes scheduled for the following week to January and let you know the details as we learn them. 
- PTA STEM Education Committee

Wood Acres ES
7000 Radnor Rd
Bethesda, MD 20817-6331

Date: Monday, October 27, 2014 at 5:30 PM
To: classes at woodacresstem dot org
Subject: Winter Break and Move to Radnor

Dear Parents-  The purpose of this email is to share the changes to the Winter Break schedule due to our planned move to Radnor Center.  Our associate superintendent, Dr. Donna Hollingshead, has informed me that the last day of school for students will be Friday, December 19, 2014.  Wood Acres staff will report to work on Monday and Tuesday, December 22-23 to complete their packing up at Wood Acres and unpacking at Radnor.  Students and staff will return to school at Radnor Center as scheduled on January 5, 2015.  Please note the change to the beginning of Winter Break.    I will continue to send out information as I receive it.  It is my understanding that Clubhouse will be sending out information regarding adjustments to their program over Winter Break.   Sincerely, Marita Sherburne, Principal.

Which classes will be in the building and which classes will be in the portables? 
Currently, kindergarten, grade 1 and three- grade 2 classes will have classrooms in the building.  Art and PE will also be in the building.  Three grade 2 classes, grade 3, grade 4 and grade 5 will be in the portable classrooms.  Music will have a home base in a portable classroom  Some music classes will be held in the homeroom classrooms since we have more than one teacher on a given day.  PE will use the all purpose room and additional large space located in the building.  Media lessons will take place in both the media center and the computer lab. 

Where and when will Clubhouse be located in Radnor?
Clubhouse will be located in the all purpose room at Radnor.  Currently they are working on their own plans to move into the space over winter break. 
Will there be after school activities?
I have communicated with the Montgomery County government, ICB, who does the building rental and requested that they book after school activities at Radnor starting the week of January 12.  Permitting of the activities should be in process at this time. 
What will happen to patrol duties?
Patrol posts will continue to be an important part of our arrival and dismissal.  Some posts will be adjusted as we won't have an exact parallel post at Radnor Center.  Ms. Klobus and Ms. Morrell will communicate all information at a patrol meeting. 
Marita Sherburne