Landscaping Schedule

PTA Landscaping Monthly Schedule & Other Notes

Overall Goals
  • Keep Wood Acres ES looking well groomed while thinking long term.
  • Establish and evolve sustainable processes for maintaining "landscaping" including gardens, bushes, clean ups and weeding
  • Establish and evolve sustainable processes for recruiting and managing "volunteers"
  • Plant more trees, especially around the fields and after the renovation 
  • Improve lawns with peat moss or compost on poorly soiled lawns and then seed regularly
  • Use contractor, Gonzales, for regular cleanups $400 each
  • Photograph everything to Google album
  • Recruit continuously
  • Avoid "always doing it yourself" because that's unsustainable
  • Try harder to get SSL students
  • Consistently hire high school students, although they require management, very simple instructions and usually burn out after a month

  • Create Landscaping website as its useful for coordination & promotes our good works
    • Include calendar, photos & maps
    • Include SSL hours opportunities
  • Establish more "planters" with flowers
  • Set up "built in irrigation" in beds, as done by zip-tying irrigation hose to the Butter Fly Garden fence
  • Plant as many trees as our budget will allow ** each year ** or plant seedlings
  • Create compost heap for leaves & clippings (coordinate with the Green Team)
  • Create curriculum around landscaping, eco-friendliness, urban forestry and climate change (coordinate with the Green Team)
  • Have kids "grow their own native species and take it home to plant" (coordinate with the Green Team)

  • Transition from prior committee chair
    • Prior accomplishments & budgets
    • Contacts & relationships
    • Thoughts on priorities
  • Submit proposed budget (usually same as last year) and work with PTA to finalize budget
  • Plan for next year including aspirational goals
  • Decide if mulch refresh is needed – key to budget
  • Negotiate with landscaping contractor for next school year
  • Execute contractor clean up (every 6 weeks during "growing" months) (current budget #5)
  • Arrange listing in Directory for Gonzales
  • Water planters if needed
  • Begin recruiting "waterers" and "volunteers" for summer SSL hours and paid work
    • Water planters as needed
    • Water trees
  • Prepare written material for fall –  edit past emails announcing cleanups, recruiting, signups, etc
  • Prepare "Fall Cleanup" for fall with rain date & add to PTA calendar
  • Execute contractor clean up (every 6 weeks during "growing" months)  (current budget #6)
  • Organize watering schedule for gardens and trees during dry month (usually required when no rain for ~2 weeks)
    • Water planters as needed
  • Conduct "back to school cleanup" with 3 Woodnet announcements 2 weeks, 1 week, 1 day in advance
    • Weed & remove accumulated leaves, silt and fallen sticks
    • Rake chips back into playgrounds, outdoor classroom & beds
  • Inspect the grounds for risks to kids such as bees nests, widowmakers (dangerous broken limbs in trees), broken glass, etc)
    • Arrange for MCPS to handle by emailing Principal
  • Refresh annuals in beds and planters to beautify school for "back to school"
  • Arrange for Park Service to refresh mulch on Oak Hill
  • Execute contractor clean up (every 6 weeks during "growing" months) (current budget #1)
  • Prepare for a nice table at Activities Night
  • Sell hard to recruit "waterers" and "volunteers" - "just sign up and you can decide later"
    • Water planters as needed
  • Organize tree planting for fall
  • Execute contractor clean up (every 6 weeks during "growing" months) (current budget #2)
  • Promote & execute Fall Cleanup
    • Promote to Wildcat Week Ahead (WWA), WoodNet & PyleNet for SSL to to classifieds on both
  • After volunteer cleanup, execute contractor clean up (monthly during "growing" months) (current budget #3)
  • Plant trees
  • Store hoses in school storage before Thanksgiving
  • Submit all expenses from the fall
  • Send report to PTA president & leadership
  • Plan winter projects, ie vine removal
  • Make sure leaves are removed from grass (MCPS is supposed to do this)
  • Confirm all hoses are in storage
  • Sweep chips off sidewalks and blacktops
  • Rake chips out of grass
  • Schedule winter projects such as vine removal projects and other Scout projects
  • Review progress to date & send report to PTA president & leadership
  • Review calendar for remainder of year
  • Review budget & allocate projects for remainder of the year (utilize entire budget)
  • Order mulch from Whitman sports teams
  • Arrange schedule so they can spread it for another $1 per bag
  • Schedule Spring Cleanup to precede mulch delivery (Whitman can be flexible on spreading)

  • Begin discussing succession plan
  • Promote & execute Spring Cleanup
    • Promote to Wildcat Week Ahead (WWA), WoodNet & PyleNet for SSL to to classifieds on both
  • Decide on succession plan, i.e., to continue in leadership role or to hand off
  • Communicate plans to PTA President and VP for Volunteers about next years plans
  • Refresh annuals in beds and planters to beautify school
    • Water planters as needed
  • Execute contractor clean up (every 6 weeks during "growing" months) (current budget #4)
  • Review budget and use final available money for important long term projects
  • Prepare budget for next year
  • Water planters as needed

To Be Sorted
  • Tree maintenance
  • Plant trees from seeds
  • Vine removal
  • Organize Plans, Budgets, Expenses and other notes for easy handoff to next chair
  • Recruit next chair from volunteers
  • Schedule Spring Cleanup
  • Execute Spring Cleanup

"Project Teams"
  • recruit leads and teams for each project area, ie, Butterfly, Marquee & Memorial Gardens but also Outdoor Classroom & Oak Hill
  • Each project needs a month effort to keep it neat and heatly

Garden Clubs
Perhaps we can enlist neighborhood garden clubs to improve our landscaping.

I know that Springfield has a club and I'll be that Wood Acres (neighborhood), Sumner and so on all have clubs.

Perhaps we can engender some healthy competition!  (We might even challenge Bannockburn . . .)

Bite Sized Projects
We might set up "monthly projects" (or quarterly or what ever) where we get everyone focused on a stubborn challenge, like was done with the mulch on the hill.

Back To School Projects

Rake Outdoor Classroom Wood Chips - Spend up to two (2) hours raking wood chips out of the grass and back on the the area surrounded by black plastic edging.  Spread the mulch evenly inside the black edging.  Provide three (3) photos before and three (3) photos afterwards.

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