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[woodnet] PTA Science Fair - Move on to Steps #5, 6 & 7

posted Apr 21, 2014, 7:21 AM by T. Reid Lewis

Dear Wood Acres Parents and Students,

With less than twenty (20) days until the Science Fair, there's plenty of time for fun science!  

You can do the entire Project in one weekend or several weekday evenings.  Its not too late to join the nearly 100 Wood Acres students having fun by working towards the Science Fair!  

Sign up here:


If you've already signed up, its time to take the next steps on your student's Science Fair Project. Leading up to the Science Fair in May, we'll announce the Steps that your student should be performing to keep your student's project on track without overloading your student or you with work and deadlines.  

For all grades, its time for Steps #5, 6 & 7

5. Review the results of your experiment(s)

6. Form your answer (K-1) or conclusion (2-5)

7. Create your presentation board

Learn how here:


We'd value your help so please join us as a parent volunteer or a student SSL volunteer.  To learn more, register here:


Thank you for your participation in the PTA Science Fair!


Julia Sienkiewicz <julia@woodacresstem.org>

Manager, Science Fair , PTA STEM Education Committee

Sophomore, Walt Whitman High School

Candidate, Girl Scout Gold Award

T. Reid Lewis <reid@woodacresstem.org>

Chair, PTA STEM Education Committee

Wood Acres Parent

More useful information is available here:

Read the details here: http://bit.ly/WoodAcresScienceFairPacket

Register your interest here:  http://bit.ly/WoodAcresScienceFairRegistration

Learn more by visiting our FAQ on http://bit.ly/WoodAcresScienceFairFAQ

Join our Discussion by sending an email to woodacresstem+subscribe@googlegroups.com

How to make a K-1 Project http://bit.ly/WoodAcresScienceFairK1Project

How to make a 2-5 Project http://bit.ly/WoodAcresScienceFair25Projects