3-D Printing in Elementary Schools

We're investigating how elementary schools can join the 3-D printing revolution.  We want our kids to grown up as creative "makers" feeling as comfortable thinking, designing and printing in 3-D as they do in color 2-D.

The slogan of the "maker movement" is Rip-Mod-Fab.  Rip means "scan", Mod means "modify" and "Fab" or make means print in 3-D"

From time to time, we'll offer an afterschool class in 3-D printing.

For now, you can learn about 3-D printing by visiting the websites and watching the videos below.

Leveling Up 3D Printing and Education
3D printing technology has opened new doors for educational institutions allowing teachers to engage students not only through textbooks, but through multisensory teaching techniques.  In this free webinar, hear from Laura Taalman, Professor of Mathematics, James Madison University who grew a thriving 3D printing culture for JMU.

Make Magazine - The 7 Cornerstones to Making with Kids

Design in online using the free TinkerCad website and free 123-D app.  Learn how by watching the tutorials.

Not printer required!  Just upload your design to print starting about $5

No design required!  Just pick an existing design from any of the following sites: