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625 persons has been joining in this project! 

There is the day which you ordinarily live.
No matter how normal the day is for you, it might be the special day for others. In the WONDER 365 ANIMATION PROJECT, putting your special days to our animation work, we give you "the ordinal and special day" throughout the year. Why don't you let us know your special day?

In the WONDER 365 ANIMATION PROJECT, Mirai Mizue, the abstract animator playing actively in film festivals, has been creating new short-film animations every single day for 365 days.

Every daily film is continued in the film in the next day, and at the end of the project, all those films will be completed as the 365-second animation film.

The WONDER 365 ANIMATION PROJECT is the audience-participating project, which is thoroughly new in the animation project!

You can joint this project for free, when you just put your name on one of the films in this project on your birthday!

Not only you can join this project, but also your birthday will be the one you haven't forgotten forever.

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