The latest 40mm figures...

The 3rd Hussars in Spain, 1810. (Perrys and Sash & Sabre figures) The Perrys in particular were a delight to paint and some of the finest sculpted figures I have ever seen.  Unfortunately the shots on this page do not do them justice - I did not photograph them well enough and even more frustrating - I didn't get one decent shot of the trumpeter and officer! 

 Colour party in front of a battalion of the 28th Ligne

The 63rd Ligne move out in column of divisions, skirmishers in front.

The 28th Ligne, Spain 1810

The Buffs - firing line.

 French 3rd Hussars - comand group

French 3rd Hussars - elite squadron 

As also seen on my homepage, my latest endeavors  have included a number of 40mm figures for fellow lead-head Doug.  He is putting together some figures for a skirmish game for the  Napoleonic Wars Peninsular period.  I have completed a battalion or two of French Line (mainly Sash and Sabre figures - see opposite) and most recently a battalion of the redoubtable British lights known as 'the Buffs'  - the 1st Bttn. 52nd Regiment - Oxfordshire Light Infantry (click on the link to the French Le Cent Jours site and click on ''Royaume Uni" in the drop down menu then follow the links to the uniforms)  The Buffs were present throughout Wellington's Peninsular campaign, in all the major engagements and one of the very few Peninsular veteran units also with him at Waterloo.  Most of the figures are the very beautiful Perrys which, although expensive, are perhaps the finest examples available and set the benchmark for such wargaming figures, each figure being a miniature masterpiece in itself.

The Buffs skirmish line

The Buffs Colour Party  (Sash & Sabre figures)

3rd Hussars in Spain  - charge!