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Introduction or Confession of the Obsession 

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Part of my Thirty Years War collection - a more recent project - this being the pike and command element of an Imperialist regiment (possibly Saxon?) with an Essex mounted officer as accompanying general and using a mixture of figures including  Old Glory (some of the best they made in my opinion) Foundry and a  Dixon standard bearer - the fourth figure (musician) for the command stand being replaced by a scavenged GW drum and hat.

Some of the nicer figures in the collection - Perrys - their ECW Falconet guns are the only ones I've seen where the crews are in the unusual pose of actually handling the guns.  Perry Miniatures are some of the finest  made and their new 40mm line set the next standard in figure making with each figure itself a stunningly detailed work of art. 

 One of my favourite TYW era armies - the Poles.  This lot are some of the famous Winged Hussars - mostly Elite(?) figures  - an unusual and fascinating army to collect. 

Some of my more recent stuff - 40mm Sash and Sabre Peninsular French - this lot done as the Colour Party and Grenadier Company of the 63rd Ligne. 

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In a previous life I was the editor and publisher of the now defunct 'Kriegspieler' wargaming magazine along with my business partner and fellow Aussie lead-head Doug Walsh.  It was a good thing for a short while and we like to think it set a high benchmark for such publications in the region BUT it was never a 'goer' in a commercial sense and like many other similar military history magazines before and since (for which Australia seems to be a graveyard)  it folded after only a few issues.  Nonetheless, for a brief while it showed what could  be done - I believe the results of our not inconsiderable efforts may still be available to see on the redoubtable Russ Lockwood's MagWeb site.  

As a wargamer myself and a keen amateur military historian (with a graphic design background!) the work of publishing a mag for wargamers was more a labour of love.  That aside, the part of the hobby I enjoyed most was the figure painting which went hand-in-hand with the historical research, particularly into the armies, the uniforms etc.  To this end I was encouraged to paint armies by my former business partner Doug, who seems to have a freakish ability to source (and sell) almost any type of 25mm and more recently, 40mm army.  These cover almost every historical era and were sold mainly to buyers in the UK and America with my paint-jobs identified on the bases as 'Tigerart' - the name taken from my old graphics business.

 While I'm unlikely to ever get rich from it  (and lets face it - who in the hobby does?) it has provided me with the means to afford it.  The end result of about ten years of collecting and painting is several thousands of figures from a number of historical periods - predominantly Napoleonic - and also including a number of  Games Workshop fantasy armies; collected and painted for my kids of course!

I don't get to wargame much these days as I'm tied up with work and family - with many of my 'straight' art projects languishing until retirement - I'm squeezing painting time in between everything else it seems (although I'm sure my wife would say its the other way 'round!) - so the main purpose of this site is to showcase some of my collection and the projects I have undertaken, both for myself and others.  In addition to the photos of my work I hope also to include some artwork and articles written for publications like Kriegspieler and other things in a similar military historical vein, including links to stuff on the web that I find useful and/or interesting.  

I hope you enjoy my site - feel free to email me with any comments, suggestions or to share a common interest in what I find to be a fascinating hobby (NB: spouse translation - obsession!)


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