Who is coming to this event at Google?

We've primarily invited women registered to attend Google I/O 2012, plus women executives at Google, as well as a small group of influential technical women in Silicon Valley. 

Will I receive a registration confirmation after I complete the RSVP form?

We will send a reminder email a few days before the event, but if you registered with a code, assume you are confirmed!

Can I bring guests to the event if I have an invite code?

The registration form has space for a +1. We hope to accommodate +1s, but will do a separate email confirmation when we have a better sense of how many people are coming. Please do not bring unconfirmed guests with you. Thanks!

I don't have an invite code. Can I attend?

Due to space considerations, we cannot confirm people who don't have invite codes, unless they are a registered +1 of someone who does have a code. Sorry! We are trying to stream the panel portion online. Check back for details.

Will the panel discussion be recorded? 

We plan on streaming the panel and posting the video on YouTube afterwards. Please stay tuned for details.

What is the attire for the event? 

Come as you are - we'd like to make sure you're comfortable. 

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Please email stephaniel@google.com with additional questions.