Weight Management

    The institutes intent is to support the overall woman in seeking a sound body, mind and soul bringing us to our core mission; 
A Healthy You.  

    Our qualified staff will help you create a tailor made weight management program for your medical, psychological and nutritional needs.  We will support all your needs and efforts while you adapt to your new lifestyle.

    The program consists of a weight management program, specifically tailored for women and her individual needs. that will assist you in improving your dietary habits, increasing your physical activity, and help you change other lifestyle habits that may have contributed to your weight gain in the past, and maintain your healthy you.

    The initial program evaluation includes, a complete medical/physical, labs, urinalysis, EKG, mammogram, psychological and nutritional assessment. The monthly services included in the program are routine labs, medical follow-up consult, clinical visits, monthly behavioral health consult, bi-weekly wellness and spa services, exercise routine and supplements.

    All of the Institutes services are personally discussed in a private and confidential manner providing our patient with all the information required, including benefits and risks, to make an informed consent.

To schedule an appointment contact us: womenswellnessinstitute@live.com  (561) 270-3164, or (561) 270-3179