Outpatient Programs

We offer a holistic approach of care, specifically designed for women, in an inspiring and motivating office environment designed to address the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual components necessary for recovery from chemical dependency issues.  The Institute works in   different ways: using a combination of a 12-step curriculum, Smart Recovery, Relapse Prevention, experiential based therapy. Our philosophy is that by mixing up the different modalities, the group members feel an excitement about each and every session.  

Our goal is to provide a complete recovery to women with addiction by motivating a drug free life-style,  teaching specific coping skills to combat relapse, relapse Prevention skills, involving family in every step of treatment, helping reintegration back to the community/family and improving overall functioning in life.

Boarding in a sober environment

These programs are provided and supervised by a physician licensed in the State of Florida

For more information or enrollment, contact us: womenswellnessinstitute@live.com