Screening tests are a vital part of your health care. They can often times catch cancer in its earliest stages, long before any actual symptoms may be noticed.  There are particular cancer screening tests that are important for women.

We offer twenty five years experience and special qualifications in the screening, diagnosis and treatment of female cancer.

Pelvic Examination for Cancer

A regular pelvic exam is necessary for all women. A pelvic exam is one of the first steps in diagnosing several conditions including cancer.

Smears for Cervical Cancer

A Pap smear is a highly effective test that screens for cervical cancer in women. The test involves the collecting of cells from the cervix to be examined under a microscope by a certified pathology laboratory.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Women who are over 40 are at high risk for developing breast cancer and require special screening tests and breast examinations.

Colon Cancer Screening

Several tests are available to screen for colon cancer.  We will evaluate you and recommend a colon cancer screening tests based on your colon cancer risk factors.

Clinical Skin Examination for Cancer

We will perform a clinical skin exam to look for any new developments or changes to existing moles or spots.

Examination for Oral Cancer

An oral exam is not only necessary to prevent and detect dental problems, but also to screen for oral cancer.  During the examination we  will visually exam your mouth and gums, checking for oral cancer symptoms.

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