Women’s Visions for a Just and Healthy Planet

 The broken and corrupt economic system at the heart of the current global crisis is based on the outrageous concept that "the work of women in family and community is of little or no value". Given the burden of suffering imposed by corporate rule is borne disproportionately by women, who are 51% of the 99%, and that violence against women is a primary tool of repression against people's movements; we believe it is crucial to explore ways to empower women in the occupy movement and beyond, as global discontent grows towards critical mass.

 Diverse women from a variety of cultures, movements, ages and experiences are exploring how we can overcome patriarchy and colonialism, and encourage women's leadership in building a better world. We will examine the role of international human rights laws in holding governments accountable to the people. Recognizing that we are all living on occupied land, we will explore indigenous and feminist ways of valuing women, respecting future generations and mother earth.


This website provides a space for active women and groups concerned about women’s issues to share knowledge and ideas, host discussions, and link diverse struggles for justice. Building on decades of feminist activism and the momentum of the global occupy movement, it is intended to reactivate and expand the roles of women in achieving a just and healthy planet. Men are welcome to support the process and contribute their thoughts.

Influential Women