Her Saftey


It's that time, your daughter is finally going off to college. 
Now how do you prepare her to protect herself in a whole new setting?

That's where our College-Safety-for-Her seminar is perfect.

The College-Safety-for-Her provides awareness and protective strategies in effective self-defense techniques for an effective personal protection strategy.

It's a lecture and hands-on program which includes the following:


  • Understanding Crime
  • Criminal Mindset  
  • Self Defense Steps

  • Hands-On
  • Pushing/Pulling Defenses
  • Wrist/Hair Grabs
  • Full Body Grabs
  • Easy, Effective Strikes
  • Ground Defense
  • Vulnerable Body Points

    Duration: 1-3 hours

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    Lots of laugh in not so funny topic

    "“College Safety For Her” by Women’s Self-Defense Institute was well received at Hopewell Valley Central High. It was safe to say that we were all frightened by the alarming statistics of violent crime against women. I believe as a parent and a victim that one can only hope that this class made a difference. It was great to see the young women captivated by Angie’s humorous style. She did a fabulous job of keeping the audience engaged while she presented some really hard lessons. I learned a great deal. I particularly appreciated the advice about the stages of violent crime - particularly stage 2 - the interview. If a man asks a woman for help it’s natural for us to be nice and offer assistance. Turning that around, realizing there are other men he can ask for help and perhaps it may just be a ploy is a necessary first step toward prevention. I highly recommend the program especially to the target group: 16-24 year old women."
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