be the solution

WE'VE got a problem:

Our 'human civilization' produces crime and slavery - millions of women are forced into prostitution

Pimps kidnap, terrorize and rape children for money - how can we call that human? 

Prosperity in one place means trafficking in another - economic growth doesn't grow the human heart

WE'VE got to be the solution!

WE'VE got a plan:
To stop sex business by stopping sex buyers -
ending the demand for it will end the supply of it

WE'VE got a goal:
To establish a network of righteous women leaders -
who will bring ethics and virtues to their communities

WE'VE got an ideal:
To create a culture that keeps sex within marriage - 
as an eternal bond of one man and one woman

WE'VE got hope for humanity:
To grow the human heart through sexual altruism - 
practicing purity and fidelity for spiritual growth

WE'VE got an open website:
To provide information, resources and education - 
no sign up or login needed

WE'VE got a way for you to participate - 
                                        Please start here