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Students: Have You Ever Wondered?

  • Who invented the Glo-sheet?
  • Who invented the nonslosh bowl (No more spills!) ?
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  • I will use primary sources to find information about women scientists throughout history.
  • Through experimentation, I will have a better understanding of how things are created.
  • I will connect my prior knowledge of women in science with new information learned from this lesson. 
  • I will reflect on my learning experience and ask new questions about women and science.

Investigative Questions:

1.  What do I know about women scientists?

2.  What are some inventions that have been created by women?

3.  What can I learn from this lesson on women scientists?

4.  What can I take from this lesson to further my interest in the sciences?

Taking ownership of their learning allows students to continue to build on what they already know and make connections to what they are currently studying.


You will be presenting a PowerPoint on a woman scientist from the past and present. You will make comparisons on the struggles and obstacles women scientists have had throughout history. 

You will begin your journey by searching the Library of Congress for women scientists from the past and present in the computer lab.  Upon finding information, you will save it onto your myLOC page and your flashdrive until you have enough pictures to begin constructing your PowerPoint. 

Allow yourself at least one-two class periods to find pictures from the Library of Congress.  Once you have your pictures, you may begin to start creating your PowerPoint.


You will use one of the PowerPoint rubrics below as a guide to how you will be graded on your presentation. (Depends on whether your teacher has you doing activity individually or in a group).


Library of Congress  

Women Scientists interactive site 

 Copyright for Kids

Graphic Organizers

ABC Photo Analysis Graphic Organizer

Stripling Model of Inquiry

Karen Alexander,
Mar 10, 2012, 1:33 PM
Karen Alexander,
Mar 10, 2012, 1:33 PM