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Meaza Ashenafi


Where from: Small town near the Sudan border

             Birth: Uknown


                        Accomplishments: Meaza hated the way women were treated in Ethiopia and decided to do something about it. With the previous education she obtained from Addis Ababa University she was eligible to be a lawyer, thus creating the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA). This association helped African women have legal aid for when their rights have been violated. They also provide education for women who could not finish school. Because of her accomplishments and determination Ms. Ashenafi was rewarded with the 2003 The Hungary Project reward.

                        Relevance and Impact related to topic: Meaza Ashenafi was helping women come into a better and higher role in their communities. The women need somebody there for them to help them when their rights were invaded not another person who acted like it never happened or more people who shun them from the community. Meaza Ashenafi helped women feel secure and most likely obtain better jobs by offereing educational opportunities.
The position of women is very difficult - economically, politically and socially. They have no voice, they have no economic power, they have no social power, and they are not organised. They cannot put pressure on the government.
I think traditions are good, customs are good, and we have good customs, but we don't need to live with the bad customs like female genital mutilation, domestic violence and early marriage. It's against development and its against poverty reduction. Why is it we must hang on to these customs?