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Domestic Violence

                          Women in Africa are seen as lower than dirt by most men, including the woman’s husband. If the man feels disrespected or his “authority” threatened then he will strike. Whether it be women or children, but women are struck most often and most fatally. Refusal of sex, not having food on the table, “disobeying” an order, all of these situations and more can lead to a woman being beat. Because women have been treated most horrendously they have extremely low self-esteems. They see themselves as men make them see themselves, objects to make life easier for men. Since women are married off so young they are forced by their families to drop out of school as soon as they’re circumcised.  Being circumcised to African women means they are ready to become women, to their families and men it means they are ready for sex and marriage. Given that the girls drop out so early many are seen as illiterate and because of this cannot read their rights or see the groups that are out there to help them. For battered women there are organizations and programs that are meant to help them. These programs know that the women are most likely illiterate so they go out searching for them asking if they want help. The women that are beaten do not realize what it does to them or what it could do to them. Some women die from it while others are left internally injured without even knowing it. There’s a sky-scraping number of what could be wrong or happen to these women health wise. Mentally, the women could become scarred or not affected as much because some households treat their daughters horribly as well. So, to those women it is how their life has been all their life.