All over africa women are treated unfairly. They have to deal with abuse of all sorts: sexually, physically, mentally, verbally. They are told from the time they are born that they are just tools for men. Oppression means to subject a person or a people to a harsh or cruel form of domination.
    Although this great tradgedy is all over Africa there are few women who broke away from the old traditions and made a life for themselves, but indoing so they lost their families. After a woman decides to not do as tradition she is shunned from the community and her family.
Overall, what these women have to go through is tremendously awful. People should learn about their issues and see what they can do to help. See what they can do to change a life because no matter how "small" their life may seem to people they're still a person with feelings, thoughts, dreams, and opinions. They can still do the unimaginable and become what they never thought was possible like a doctor or lawyer. Hopefully, someday people will realize that they can help. Whether it be giving sex ed lessons to poeple over their and showing them facts over their myths, or sending care packages for females of all ages to show that they are beautiful and don't need to take the disrespect they get, even just becoming pen pals with a woman or child from Africa to show you're there to talk can make a difference.
    Learn the issues, the facts, the hardships, and help make a difference. It only takes one to start.