Who We Are


Martha Baker -activist for labor and woman's issues, Director of Congresswoman Bella Abzug's New York City office for many years

Carole Losee - founder of The Elizabeth Seeger School, teacher, and avid cyberspace political junkie

Lilly Rivlin - a filmmaker, political activist, long time feminist, and a Bella Abzug admirer. She has worked as a writer/journalist, photographer and consultant on the Middle East and gender issues.


Beva Eastman - teaches web design for educators at NJ City University

Jackie Wolfson - a retired teacher and statistician.She is a musician and animal lover who uses the internet to further her education and interests.


Meredith Dean is an anti-racist activist who has spent the last twenty years working to unite anti-racist education with creative feminist action in Appalachian communities.

Carole Fuller is director of strategic marketing for a leading women's college and has followed presidential elections since "I Like Ike" was the dominant slogan. The first election in which she was of age to vote was 1968, a year of assassinations, anti-war demonstrations, and the third-party effort of George Wallace, who is undoubtedly turning over in his grave.

Lucille Goodman - well-known activist and singer

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