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1st Edition Herstories on Non-Violence for Women & Girls

This is Step #1 for an Eligible Organization Before Being Honored With A FreEbook

We are pleased to invite All Global groups who are working for Non-Violence for Women & Girls, to participate in our 'Herstories' Collection. Here is what we have in mind:

Any nominated (send a note here) organization or group which is working to resolve violence against women or girls on our planet, will receive a FreEbook, which will be formatted for the e-reader, smartphone, and tablet markets, courtesy of our technical partner, ComputerHelpers4Good (see this link).

Here are examples of the first editions we have created for groups in Canada, India & Africa

Click On the Red Cross icons on map below to find a FreEbook which supports each group we honor with this project 

OR  Click Here to review these inaugural FreEbooks4Good

We visit the woman's support group website, and build the FreEbook from the information on those site pages, and format the content so that e readers, etc, can easily handle it, AND provide links to that site for support and information.

And then the listed group will be added to our Herstories Support Map so that visitors can find which groups to support. 

Our Vision Is To Offer a Global Guide to Herstories Worth a Good Reading

Know a Good organization We can support? Send a Note Here with web site address

In alignment with the UN Women's CSW 2013, we are dedicating 200 Ebooks4Good of 'Herstories' which need to be told about agencies, charities, non-profits, ngo's and community groups. Each Ebook4Good will feature the stories about One group from each of Five continents with a bonus section for Oceana. 

To be included in an Ebook4Good, we offer this Global Community FreEbook4Good service for qualifying organizations

Each FreEbook will include the following:

  • Links back to original website for each group
  • A simple narrative gleaned from the information on those respective sites
  • A way of adding Your support
  • A listing of resources of Socially Responsible Entities supporting this campaign
  • We will add each organization to this map so You can find one to review and support.

How This Project is Supported

Further, we also include a Fundrazr section, where we help by raising 2013.00 USD for EACH agency, and ensure that 80 % of the funding goes directly to support that agencies work (called the New Pareto principle 80/20 rule). We are pleased to work in harmony with eligible Non Violence efforts in order to support international organizations.

Who is Working On This Project ?

Contact Information

PM Dacre Skype InBusiness4Good2006 ebooks4good@gmail.com 646 961 3748 US and Canada

We are seeking manuscripts for ReFraming the term Contemporary Woman Contact Us Here


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