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Who We Are

We are a group of women who have completed the Woman Within Training Weekend run by Woman Within International. We maintain several ongoing empowerment circles for women who have completed the training weekend as a way to listen to, and be heard by, other women as we engage in the work to make our lives what we want. We offer open circles several times a year for women who have not yet attended the Woman Within Training Weekend but are curious about the training and discovering the power of who they are.

Upcoming Events

Open Circles: dates to be determined.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in an Open Circle.

Watch A Video About the Woman Within Training Weekend

What women say about their Woman Within Training Weekend Experience...

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What is the Woman Within Training Weekend?

The Woman Within Training was created by women, for women. It is a unique opportunity to explore your essence as a woman and your life choices. The training is not therapy. It offers a series of exercises, guided imagery and intense individual and group work so that you can see and transform what holds you back. The one-to-one staff ratio allows for personal attention and ensures that you are witnessed and supported as you reclaim your passion for life and belief in yourself.

Read more about the Training Weekend here.

Woman Within Training Weekend Schedule

Initiation weekends hosted across the US and internationally can be found here.

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How To Contact Us

Call Erin at (514) 242-3929

Email Erin at womanwithinmtl@gmail.com

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