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 Amniocentesis Safety

Fiber and Pregnancy  

More Preeclampsia Infants Surviving

 Gaining Weight between Pregnancies Risky 

Moms' Vitamins Cut Kids' Brain Tumors  

 Danger of OTC painkillers during 1st trimester

Effects of childbirth preparation on women of different social classes (pdf)


Database of drug safety during pregnancy and postpartum 

Long-term effects of prenatal diet


 Effects of Cesareans on Breastfeeding (pdf)

Elective Cesareans (pdf)

Normal Birth (pdf)

The Politics of Birth (pdf)

Homebirth (pdf)

Women's perceptions of childbirth and childbirth education (pdf)

ACNM: Appropriate Use of Medical Technology (pdf)

ACNM: Definition of Midwifery Practice (pdf)

ACNM: Elective Cesareans (pdf)

Elective Cesarean: Babies on Demand

ACNM: Home Births (pdf)

ACNM: Reproductive Choices (pdf)

ACNM: VBAC (pdf)

VBAC Victory 

Court Ordered Cesarean 

Induced Labor linked to Amniotic Fluid Embolism 

New Vaccinations for Children 

Fetal Monitoring Does NOT Change Cutcomes 

Magnesium Sulfate NOT effective

Teen Birth Statistics

General Birth Statistics


Infant Massage

Benefits of Picturebooks

Longterm Effects of Childhood Trauma 

Breastfeeding rates among black urban low-income women (pdf) 

ADHD Linked to Lead, Smoking

ACNM: Emergency Contraception (pdf)

ACNM: Immunizations (pdf)

ACNM: Breastfeeding (pdf)

Breastfeeding and Intelligence 

Bigger Head, Smarter Baby? 

Benefits of Play 

Power Napping 

PreSchoolers and Ritalin 

TV and Autism 

Dangers of Contaminated Powdered Formula

Breastfeeding Saves Children in Winter Disaster 

Co-Sleeping Increases Breastfeeding Success 

First Time Moms at Greater Risk for PP Depression

Car Seat Safety Update 


Childbirth Connection

National Advocates for Pregnant Women 

Opportunities to improve maternal health literacy (pdf) 

ACNM: Ethnic and Cultural Diversity (pdf)

Bioethics Forum 

Links to lots of Papers on Reproductive Issues 

Council on Anthropology and Reproduction Newsletter (Oct 06)