Information for Doulas

Are you a Doula? Do you want to help women in need of support? 


Woman to Woman is currently undergoing some big changes and we need your help to make them happen! The creator and current director of W2W is going to be moving out of town this summer and a lot of reorganizing needs to be done to fill the hole she will leave behind. We need volunteers to take on many different types of responsibilities--big or small and everything in between. For descriptions of the roles we need filled, click here.


To become a volunteer doula:

If you are already trained as a doula, the only thing you need to do to become a volunteer is to let us know what dates you can be on call! 

If you are not a doula, we would love to help you get your training to become one! After doing some reading and attending a childbirth class you will be able to start attending births as a co-doula with a more experienced doula. Following a 2-3 day workshop you will have the training you need to attend births on your own!

If you aren't able to commit to being a volunteer doula,  we could still use your help. Whatever your skills, we can probably find a use for them.  If you are talented at knitting, crocheting, quilting or other crafts, perhaps you could help us provide going-home gifts for our moms and babies. We also need store-bought items for our going-home bags, see the donation page for a list of needed items. If you have a schedule that allows you constant access to a phone, you could sign up to be "on-call" for answering phone calls, calling and interviewing our moms and--most importantly--calling the doula-on-call when a woman calls in to say she is in labor!



To become a doula:

 There are several different organizations that train and certify doulas. While we welcome doulas trained in any school, we will focus on DONA’s requirements for new trainees. Prospective doulas can get more information about DONA at

Listed below are DONA's requirements for certification

We do NOT require you to be certified in order to be a Woman to Woman Volunteer, but it is an option that you may choose to pursue so that you can also attend paying clients. Our requirements are highlighted in bold.

-         Reading 5 books from a reading list  provided by DONA

-         Become a member of DONA ($45/year)

-         Purchase a Certification Packet ($35) (available in English or Spanish)

-         Complete one of the following: 

          • Training in childbirth education or midwifery
          • Work experience in labor and delivery as a registered nurse
          • Observation of a childbirth preparation series (not as an expectant parent)

-         Attend a DONA approved workshop

-         Provide doula service to a minimum of three clients; each birth must be documented and accompanied by good evaluations

-         Reading and signing the DONA Code of  Code of Ethics and  Standards of Practice

-         A 500-1000 word essay on the value and purpose of labor support

-         Payment of a processing fee ($60)


What we can offer you:

Access to all the books needed for certification (and much more); click here for a full list of what we have

Access to free childbirth classes

Discounted DONA workshop fees and additional financial assistance if needed.

Encouragement and emotional support (after all, that's what doulas do best!) 

Birth Bag Supplies

Continuing training opportunities

All the "training births" you want


In addition, if you decide to become certified we offer:

Discounted DONA membership ($25 vs. $45 per year)

Practical support and advice on the paperwork and essays required for certification



 Spanish Phrases for Doulas


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