Wolverhampton to Brewood

: Wolverhampton Top Lock on the Birmingham Mainline Canal near Ring Road and A4124 Wednesfield Road.

FINISH POINT: The Bridge Pub, Brewood Moorings on the Shropshire Union Canal, Brewood. 

VIA: Pendeford, Dunstall Park, Brewood, Wheaton Aston, Aldersley Stadium, Codsall (Via NCR 81)


TERRAIN: 100% Canal Tow Path (Minor Roads for Brewood Village Centre)

The Shropshire Union Canal is an excellent route which leaves our area and heads to the North West Of England finishing in Chester, a rural setting all the way along this canal, We go to Brewood on the outskirts of our area, but there is much more to see beyond Brewood.

Starting at our Wolverhampton starting point near top lock on the Birmingham Mainline Canal next to the Ring Road and Wednesfield Road Junction, face the canal and turn right to the top lock, There is now a series of locks along this canal all going down, but a lot have narrow pathways which go down under bridges, dismounting is advised. Go along down the first lock and under Lock Street, The Railway runs alongside to your right hand side, two more locks and you pass under this railway, beware there is very sharp blind bend, Another two locks down from the railway bridge and you pass under the A460 Cannock Road. Pass down another lock and you ride past Fowlers Park on your right hand side and the Wolverhampton Incinerator on your left, which sometimes can kick up a stink. A few more locks down and you pass a local signposted cycle route then a large arch railway viaduct overhead and another railway bridge.


  Pass under the bridges and continue along the tow path down the locks. A few more locks and you pass under a large bridge carrying the A449 Stafford Road and then another large viaduct carrying a railway line.  Down two more locks and you pass Wolverhampton Racecourse on your left hand side. A short way along the canal and you reach the end of the Birmingham Mainline Canal at Aldersley Junction, this is where National Route 81 rejoins the canal from a pathway on the opposite side of the canal, turn right at the junction (Signposted Great Haywood) and cross the canal  at the small footbridge, as you cross the bridge turn right and continue along the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal so the canal is on your right hand side, you will soon pass under two large railway bridges and some smaller bridges carrying water pipes to the waterworks to your left hand side. A short way along and you arrive at Autherley Junction, you need to turn left here (Signposted Chester) onto the Shropshire Union Canal. Cross the Shropshire Union using the footbridge then on the opposite side a couple of meters along take the pathway leading away from the Staffs and Worcester Canal which soon winds around alongside the Shropshire Union Canal, continue along the pathway keeping to the paths nearest the canal (At the first bridge you can cross for a tarmac pathway on the opposite side but cross back over at the second bridge) Continue along so you are cycling on the tow path to the right hand side of the canal, There is a small metal footbridge leading to a boating club house, continue along and you are leaving Pendeford and heading towards Bilbrook and Codsall which are not to far from the canal, Not far along you pass under the Wobaston Road, This is where National Cycle Route 81 leaves the canal for Codsall. Continue along the tow path and eventually you will come to the M54 Bridge, where you will pass under the Motorway between Junctions 2 and 3. Keep going through a long straight section with farm fields either side and views of Cannock Chase can be seen to your right hand side. The canal then goes into a small woody section and eventually you will see a large arched brick bridge, Bridge 10, 

    Continue underneath and you are not to far away from Brewood. A few more bridges to pass under and you come to some moorings with a couple of picnic benches along the tow path and a high bridge with a pathway leading up, this is where to leave for Brewood, There is a pub at the bridge called "The Bridge", For Brewood village centre leave the canal here and turn right on the road above, 

or continue along the tow path for Wheaton Aston, Gnosall, and beyond. This route ends here for other routes from this point click the link below.

Wolverhampton to Brewood