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The Wolseley 24/80

Late in 1959, the Wolseley 15/60 was released in Australia. It became evident to local BMC management that the Australian public generally wanted six cylinder cars and that the car would be more successful in the marketplace if it had such an engine. In order to address this, the decision was made to add two cylinders to the existing engine, resulting in an engine with a capacity of 2433cc and capable of developing 80bhp. Coupled to the engine was a 3-speed gearbox with a steering column gearchange. BMC called the new engine the Blue Streak Six.

The radiator, which in the four cylinder car was mounted behind the bonnet-locking bar was now placed in front of the bonnet-locking bar, immediately behind the grille. The suspension was also strengthened and there were other changes on the mechanical side. 

The Wolseley 24/80 was released in April 1962. The 24/80 was externally identical to the 15/60 except for the wheelbase, which was slightly longer. The interior was more or less the same as that used in the 15/60. Originally the car was available only with manual transmission but later Borg Warner Type 35 3-speed automatic transmission was offered as an option.

The Mark II was released in October 1964 and had near identical styling to the 16/60. The cut down tail fins, revised tail-lights and changed front over-rider spacing of the 16/60 were used, but the Mark II 24/80 retained the side trim, including the metal castings, as used on the 15/60. Power was increased to 84bhp and there were other minor changes. The interior trim was now in soft expanded vinyl rather than the leather used in the earlier cars.

The Austin 1800 replaced the Wolseley in BMC Australia's line up in October 1965. The Mark II 24/80 was the last Wolseley to be sold new in Australia.

Specifications of the Wolseley 24/80




Bore & Stroke

Top Speed



Engine Power




76.2mm x 88.9mm




80bhp @ 4,350rpm (manual)

82bhp @4,300rpm (automatic) 


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