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 Sanctuary 1993

  1. Congo Rain
  2. Mindwalker
  3. Sanctuary
  4. Logistics
  5. Reflections
  6. Jamacian Dreams
  7. Wishing
  8. Lost Souls
  9. Random Opus
  10. Scene 11





Paradox 1999

  1. Downhill Run
  2. Paradox
  3. Goodnight Vienna
  4. New World
  5. Tommorrows Child
  6. Toybox
  7. Through the Night
  8. Images of Lauren Paradox pt2
  9. The Knowlege
  10. Scene 27














Krakatoa 2009 


  1. Island of Dreams
  2. Landfall
  3. Kocatu
  4. No Horizon
  5. Cloud of Tephra
  6. Antalya
  7. Caldera Sea
  8. Midnight Mary
  9. Distance Lights
  10. Eva's Reflection
  11. Burnt Orchid
  12. Cracking the Mountain




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                   The album works of Robert A. Wolf



 Robert A. Wolf - Sanctuary 1993 was Robert's first solo instrumental album project. Songs were written between 1989 and 1992.  Originally slated as a vocal album showcasing talent in Los Angeles, it quickly turned into an instrumental when the vocal talent actually failed to show for the studio work.  Robert says "It was just to difficult and expensive to organize these people and reherse on such short notice".  Robert retooled the matierial and took it to his friend Jordan Alvarez's  brand new studio in the San Fernando Valley and  created a direct to digital recording, which was a rare thing in 1992.  It went on to sell over 2000 copys in the Asia market, and it is still the best engineered album today.


Robert A. Wolf - Paradox 1999  This was the follow up to Sanctuary, Almost Sanctuary part 2.  It followed the same format as the first album with 10 instrumental songs a piano piece, symphonic piece on track 9, and the last track is another score piece from The Tell Tale Heart. Many of the songs on this album were even written about the same time as Sanctuary. They were remixed and some were rewritten for this album. This album was not mass produced only about 100 were actually made. It was mainly one of the first internet only sales record, and is still doing quite well today.

 The new Paradox album cover that replaced the old one.

This cover was changed because the original art was not at a high enough resolution for reprint, also didn't want to voilate any copyright law from the artist it was meant to reflect.  Eventually Paradox will be rerecorded and remastered to have a new updated sound.


Robert A Wolf  - Krakatoa  2009

In may 2009 Robert released his 3rd album in 10 years with 12 all new compositions.
CD available now at CD Baby


* Special thanks to The Freesound Project, Digifish music, and 'Katy T' for the vocal sample used in the song Island of Dreams. * credits

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