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The Tell Tale Heart- Scene 11

The Tell Tale Heart-Scene 27

Hear samples from "Mary Shelley's The Last Man" Movie.

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Chapter 3 pt.1

Chapter 4 pt.1

Chapter 7 Wasteland

I am the Devil pt.1

Chapter 10 pt.1

Chapter 13 Final

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Original Symphonic Composistions

Random Opus

The Knowlege

Mother's Symphony



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Press Release 1993

Evansville Courier Press 2000

Evansville Living Magazine 2004

Evansville Press 1984

In Sync Magazine 1994

Music Connection Magazine Los Angeles 1994

News 4U Magazine 1993

OIL Music Magazine 1994

Sound Mind Magazine Canada 1994

Mt.Carmel Newspaper 1991

Mt.Carmel Newspaper (front page) 1993

 Evansville Courier Press Jan 25th 2008 -Movie Music

News 4U Magazine 2008

 News 4U Magazine July 2009

Music Connection Magazine Aug 2009 p. 32

Robert A. Wolf

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About club Bob

Wolfymusic audio lab is your one stop shop for any sound project that you are looking for. Whether you need a 20 second fill or a 2 hour feature length film score. Wolfymusic can fill all your music and unique audio needs. From complete digital audio design to old school analog synthesizing. You'll be surprised how inexpensive it is to get that big budget sound.


About the composer------------------------------------------------

Former Statue Records recording artist Robert A. Wolf is an award winning keyboardist/composer who has written and produced multiple albums,  written scores for several films, and performed live with musicians accross the country. 

 Robert has been specializing in unique audio sound effects and the scoring of films in the horror genre.


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2010 News ----------- 

2 Krakatoa songs has been featured on The Weather Channel's Local on the 8's
'Distant Lights' & Cloud of Tephra'.

The song 'No Horizon' claimed the no.1 spot on (Aug. Ambient genre)

New You Tube video channel showcasing HD music videos from Krakatoa.

Special thanks to the podcast that have featured songs from Krakatoa.
Dalecast in the U.K.
Sunrise Yoga Podcast


2009 News  ------------

Krakatoa release date May 1st 2009.

The track 'Distant Lights' is featured on The Weather Channel in July.

Krakatoa is available thru CD

Also Robert is featured in July's issue of News 4U magazine, an Evansville publication.

 -- March 2009-  Wolfymusic has hired CD Designs to oversee the creation process of the Krakatoa project. This well known award winning team of world class graphic artists are going to complete the artwork and manufacturing  of the CD's. They have done work for many big clients with major lables and indie artist alike. We are all happy and excited to work with these professionals.

Robert finished the score for 'Dead on Site'. Premiered April 2009 in Tucson Az.

 Meanwhile the score for the motion picture 'Scorned' is in its final post production phase, more news on that to come.

 Robert is also featured on

2008 News:  

 Robert  completed the score in November 2007 for A.I.A. Productions  full length motion picture of Mary Shelley's The Last Man.    see trailer here 

 This film is a post apocalyptic thriller based on the book by the famous author Mary Shelley. You can read more about the film on Quiet Earth's website or Horror

Robert designed the trailer for the movie and composed the sound for it as well. Robert is also credited as an associate producer on the film.

Read Mary Shelly's The Last Man director James Arnett's nice blog about Robert's motion picture score composition.

The Last Man Movie has just sold distribution rights in Japan and the US premire was on February 23, 2008 at the Fox Theater in Tucson Arizona where the film was shot entirely on location.

 The premiere was a huge success, and there may be another showing of the film this summer.

Robert is also working on the score for A.I.A. Productions back titles like the 30 minute short film Just Another Box

Robert also did the film short The Tell Tale Heart for A.I.A. Productions in Los Angeles in 1991.

Also currently Robert is in production of his 3rd album in 2 decades. Working title  'Krakatoa'.  In February Robert signed an distribution agreement with Snocap, titles from the new album can be purchased exclusively there.

This album will be another instrumental but won't sound exactly like the first 2 albums Sanctuary and Paradox.  This album will feature more organic vocalization experiments,  like using vowel sounds rather than vocal enuciations and melisma for a very unusual and beautiful arrangement. The song 'Landfall' is a perfect example of this.

 Music from Krakatoa has already been aired on radio stations KCUR 89.3FM Kansas City,   KTEP 88.5FM ElPaso TX  ,and  the Soupygato show podcast.

 Robert has started on Aspiring Films movie called Scorned.  And just completed a film short for AF's director Mark Pivot called Flight Delay.

 Also in the fall of 2008 on another full length feature horror film from A.I.A. Productions called The Domain.


Press note:   Robert was featured in the Evansville Courier Press on  Friday Jan. 25th.  See story here.  

Robert featured in the March 2008 issue of News 4U magazine.

 Most of Robert's music can be purchased through Robert's My Space Page. Powered by Snocap.  However snowcap has had it's share of problems so I suggest checking out CD baby for Robert's albums.




History ----------------------------------------bio-------------

  Born in Southern Illinois in 1961, Robert always used to make funny sounds out of used radio parts until he purchased his first synthesizer in 1975. (yes it was a Korg) attended Wabash Valley College in Illinois in 1979-81 where he was a DJ on WVJC radio. played with local bands and attended Belmont Music school in Nashville, and Full Sail recording workshop in Orlando.

 Playing keyboards in rock bands thru the 1980's robert won a local radio station songwriting contest 2 years in a row, the first win as a solo act. toured with the Evansville in based band “Moonrocker” in 1984 in the midwest and Florida sharing the bill with such acts as “The Grass Roots” and “Head East”. in 1986 joined Evansville based band “Side Effex” and played many midwest clubs. Most notably Side Effex played the old Funky's downtown Evansville frequently in the mid 1980's.
Robert moved to L.A. in 1987 and joined L.A. based band “Tremor” and played live in almost every club in Hollywood.

  Going solo in the early 1990's and experimenting with progressive instrumentals and film scoring Robert first worked in front of the cameras and can be seen in the films, Another you, Ricochet, and Wayne's World

 While still writing music in the early 1990's Robert worked and designed lighting on the sets and productions of Disney attractions and the 64th Annual Academy Awards & Governors ball in Los Angeles California.

  In 1993 Robert got behind the scenes and wrote the score for his first film 'The Tell Tale Heart', for A.I.A. Productions of  Los Angeles.the score later won second place at the world fest film awards in 1993. Robert took the instrumentals he was toying with and put together his first album 'Sanctuary' which sold over 2000 copies in Asia in 1994.  

 Robert moved operations back to Illinois in 1993  and created Wolfy Studios East then 2 years later he purchased  Club Bob ranch in Indiana to set up the new more permanent Wolfy Studios and produce many more progressive instrumentals including 'Paradox' the 1999 release with 10 great new progressive instrumentals as the sequal to his first album. The Paradox album was also one of the first internet only release and few hard copys were actually produced.  Robert also got back into radio broadcasting briefly and had a radio show on WJPS- fm Evansville from 1997-2001.

In 2006 Robert invested more into Wolfymusic Studios and has updated much of the equipment. The entire studio was reinvented to form the new Audio Lab to take the sound adventure to new heights.


The Future ---------------------------------------------------- 

I guess if this were a large conglomerate, this section would be filed under Mission Statement. I like the title 'The Future' better, it sounds like we'll all be in flying cars or something?

 The future is looking bright here at Wolfystudios we continue to create a quality product and upgrade our technology on a regular basis. Every good producer or director knows that the musical score of a film is half the story. Well so do we, and we strive to tell that side of the story with the emotion of music.  We also continute to get recognition and get new wonderful film projects to work on.  I personally look forward to creating more albums and writing more interesting songs and scores.

We hope to continue to make new friends and business associates in the wonderful world of film production. And to continute to work with our long time friends and associates of the past.

 If the definition of  music is the illusion of motion, then I hope it is that motion that will propel us into a bright and prosperous entertainment future. (with flying cars of course) 



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