Wolfville Scouts - History


In Wolfville:

  • April 1911, E. Percy Brown stated scouting in Wolfville, with a patrol of eight boys.
  • March 27, 1924 Wolfville cub scout pack started (cubs started worldwide 1916).
Photos: old photos of scouting in Wolfville.

News Articles about the Wolfville group:

Historical documents: 

  • Article from the February 1959 issue of "The Scout Leader" on a dinner in Percy Brown's honour (pdf).
  • note by E. Percy Brown that appeared in The Acadian in 1960. 
  • 1960 fund raising brochure for the building of the E. Percy Brown Lodge at Sunken Lake: One pdf file, or individual pages: (cover inner page with text | chronology | about Scouting in Wolfville | plans)
  • A brief history of Scouting in Wolfville, by Gerald Porter (a speech read in 1961 on the 50th anniversary of Scouting in Wolfville). 
  • 1965 application form for scout camp: (pdf
  • 1972 annual report from the 1st Wolfville pack (pdf)
  • 1975 copy of the "Sunken Lake Daily Loon", a scout camp newspaper: (pdf)
  • 1980 parent assistance form: (pdf
  • 2011 copy of the "Sunken Lake Daily Loon" (pdf)
  • NS Legislature officialy recognizes 100th Anniversary of Wolfville Scout Group (pdf)
Recent letters we have received: 
August 19, 2011
Dear sir:
    I don't know if this is of interest to you or not, but thought I'd pass on the fact that my father was a Boy Scout as a boy in Wolfville. According to my mother, Dad's being active in the movement was the 'savior' of him.  That could be, or not, but I do know from his occasional mention of it, some of the things they did, and the friendships he made were very important for him.  At least one friend was life-long...Jack Williams.
    His name was John C. Johnson, b. 1908 in Wolfville.
    I have a photo of the Scouts' Hockey team, 1921-'22, with him in it, (3rd from left) along with his friend, Jack Williams.  I expect you have a copy of it but, if not, I've attached a copy here. [see photos link above]

Carolyn A. Johnson, Enfield, N.S.

A brief history of scouting:  Scouting began in 1907 when Lt. Gen. Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell took a group of youth to a camp on Brownsea Island.  The movement was incorporated as "The Boy Scout Association" throughout the Commonwealth by Royal Charter granted by King George V in 1912.

Scouting came to Canada in the spring of 1908 - just months after the book "Scouting for Boys" was published in England.  The Canadian General Council of the Boy Scout Association was incorporated by an act of the Canadian Parliament on June 12, 1914.  The Canadian General Council was a branch of the Boy Scout Association until October 30, 1946, when it became an independent member of the Boy Scout World Conference.  A subsequent amendment changed the name to Boy Scouts of Canada.  In 1976 the Scouts Canada logo was introduced and since then Scouting in Canada has become commonly referred to as Scouts Canada.

B.P. wrote to The Earl Grey in 1910 to ask him to organize Scouting in Canada.  Since that time, every Governor General has been either the Chief Scout for Canada (prior to 1946) or Chief Scout of Canada (after 1946). 

Today, more than 28 million youth and adults, boys and girls, take part in Scouting programs in 216 countries and territories worldwide.