Hey yall! Intrepid here. Thank you for visiting, and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. Many of you may already know me as the EMT/pilot dude (a.k.a., Taras) from the Monday night Toastmasters meetings. Let me start out by giving you a little background information so you know what this page of the Epic website is all about.

I started my Toastmasters career, so to speak, in the mid 90’s at UCLA with the Bruin Toastmasters, at which my primary goal was to beef-up my speaking skills to maximize my chances of success on airline pilot job interviews. About a year into it, I quit TM on account of having to divide much of my time between being an EMT and a brand new flight instructor. Fast-forward to October 2010, when one of my neighbors, whom some of you may affectionately know as VP of smooth, (a.k.a. Mr. Will Basel) told me about the TM meetings he was attending Monday nights in Sherman Oaks. Feeling that I had enough free time, (or at least could make enough time) I decided to rejoin, but with a slightly different goal: to improve my social skills for the sake of a better love life. Not that I’m socially inept or anything like that, but, with the high standards that I’ve always had, I’ve never been quite satisfied with that part of my life, though I am light years ahead of where I was 10 years ago, and have made leaps & bounds of improvement over the past 6 years, thanks in part to TM. Then the following April, I found out from Kurt Thomas, about these so-called Epic improv meet-ups, at which he, along with a group of other TM members, would strive to optimize the benefits of giving speeches at TM by engaging in improv exercises developed by the founder of the group, G.P. Cole. Believing that such would be a productive, as well as fun and cool extension to TM, I joined Epic, upon which I was soon introduced to the Epic website. Since I apparently have the rep of being the community dating guru through my “Rules of the Game” speeches, which the guys have been eating up like some sort of rare candy, while, needless to say, ruffling some female feathers, Cole suggested I create this subsection of the website, which I decided to call “Wolves' Den.” In light of that, from here on in, at this particular cyber location I will be known as your Wolves' Den host, Intrepid.

Now, some of you might be asking what the heck improv has to do with dating; isn’t improv for stand-up comedians and stage actors? Well, here’s the deal: dating, as you all know, is a social skill, and improv can definitely be used as a tool to improve the type of social skills that can lead to successful dating, however you define that. For example, let’s say I get the balls to start a conversation with an attractive woman I see in the supermarket, only to soon get so distracted and flustered by her shear beauty, that I stall, freeze, and draw a complete blank, not necessarily in that order. Then, to avoid that dreaded and awkward wall of silence I’m about to hit, I politely excuse myself, as I stroll away from another missed opportunity. Now, let’s take the same scenario, but this time, just before I’m about to stall, I fall back on my improv skills, as I subsequently manage to keep the conversation going to the point of discovering a common interest, upon which I establish the basis for exchanging numbers. Next thing I know, I’m dating a Maxim model, and for a guy, anything that can make that kind of difference is a pretty powerful tool to have in his pocket:). Now don't get me wrong; it doesn't get that easy, but it can, and will get easier with improv. But improv is just a small part of the dating toolbox, and the Wolves' Den will strive to reveal a lot of other social skills, tools, tips, pointers, advice and resources regarding love, dating and relationships.

For the women reading this (and wolvettes and she wolves are more than welcome here:), you’ve probably noticed the one-sided flavor all this dating rhetoric has so far. Just look at the name “Wolves' Den,” which is almost as one-sided as “alpha dog.” Well, I’m not gonna lie. This website is all about keeping it real and BS-free, even at the risk of rubbing some folks the wrong way, being politically incorrect, and losing a girl friend or two. That is the nature of the game. It IS one-sided, not in my opinion, or by choice, and not because women wrote the rules, as some would claim, but rather because our genes wrote the rules, and we are all slaves to our genes. If you don’t buy that, I have a homework assignment for you: read, and reread The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins. Such cold, hard reality is the part of the red pill of love I had mentioned in my speech that introduced the rules of the game. Let’s face it: for women, the bottom line is that if you want to attract men, all you have to do is look good; and women have known this all too well for decades, if not centuries, which is precisely why the beauty industry is a multibillion $ biz, as well as why women will go to such extremes (not excluding risking their lives) to look good. And, if you’re naturally beautiful, attraction is about as easy as flipping a switch; hence the switch analogy of male sexual behavior. If you’re a man, on the other hand, and you want to attract a woman, looks will just get your foot in the door, or the audition at best. Beyond that, you gotta have some skill: i.e. game. And the more attractive your prospect, the more of a game it is, and the better your game has to be; hence the volume control knob analogy of female sexual behavior. That’s precisely why 90%, if not more, of the information here will seem to be geared towards improving the "singles" and dating lives of men. But despair not, women; for through all this one-sided dating advice women can gain a better and deeper understanding of how guys think, which can only lead to a better understanding between the sexes. That, of course, could only be a good thing. But it's also a lot more than that; most importantly, at its core, it's about durable fulfillment, and getting and living the life that you want, whether you're a man or woman. That is the reasoning behind the name of this site. To get what you want in this world, you can't just sit on the sidelines and expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter, just as a deer is not simply going to walk up to a wolf and say "Here ya go; I'm all yours. Eat me." You need to know what you want, and go for it. The wolf is my symbol for the attitude, tenacity, and character that it takes to get the life you want.

Now that you know what this section is all about, I welcome you all to the Wolves Den, where I look forward to posting and discussing dating tips, pointers, advice, and knowledge that I hope will not only improve the quality of our love lives, but ultimately improve all aspects of our lives. 



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