Wolfpack Theatre Letter

Varsity Letter

Students will letter at 25 points/season.  A season will be the academic school year.   All Letter winners must be academically eligible when receiving the letter.  All roles will receive the same number of points per production (i.e. actors, technicians, stage managers, etc.).

Students will be awarded:
 10 points for being cast in an All-School Production

5 points for being cast in a Class Production

1-5 points per year for Volunteer activities at Director of Theatre’s discretion (see director for more details)

When a student has accumulated 25 points in a season, his/her name will be added to the Wolfpack Theatre Website and receive confirmation of lettering.
Questions?  Contact Ivanna Fritz, Director of Wolfpack Theatre fritzi@sd5.k12.mt.us


Letter Winners 2009-10:
Krista Anderson
Draylen Askvig
Samantha Barker
Reegan Bennett
Meshayla Block
Brandon Books
Tanner Byle
Dwight Camillucci
Tucker Connell
Spencer Davis
Abbey Filler
Amanda Fraiser
Juan Pablo Gevaudan
Michael Gordon
Tanner Gordon
Keckley Habel
Nate Higgins
Brian Hoffman
Joel Horn
Caroline Houser
Jr. Juitt
McKenzie Keck
Brianna Larson
Taylor Linrude
Chris Magers
Cassidy Mann
Cory Markellis
Quinn Maroney
Tanner Maroney
Jason Martin
Terri Mattson
Clayton McDougall
Danyelle Moore
Emily Moore
Melanie Noble
Aly Olson
Puumba Orr
John Patrick
Cole Pierce
Brandon Simpson
Mary Snipstead
Shane St. Onge
Kaitlyn Turner
Elliott Van Allen
Brianna Walling
Logan Warberg
Malina Workman
Letter Winners 2008-09:

Chad Dawson, Tanner Gordon, Michael Gordon, Tim Koenig,Megan Leininger,Emily Madieros,
Cory Markellis,
Quinn Maroney,Jason Martin, Clayton McDougall, Danyelle Moore, Savannah Ohs,  Tom Rader, Dylan Rodwick, Michelle Schuman, Matt Schwager, Will Tedrow, Katelyn Turner, Lindsea Vaudt, Logan Warberg, Tessa Weyrauch

Inaugural Letter Winners 2007-08:
Chad Dawson,Tim Koenig, Megan Leininger, Quinn Maroney, Zach Matteson,
Danyelle Moore, Tom Rader, Dylan Rodwick, Michelle Schuman,
Kristen Smith, Mary Snipstead, Will Tedrow, Lindsea Vaudt
Ivanna Fritz,
May 18, 2010, 3:40 PM