For Parents/Students

We value your time, support and presence at the shows. 

Please feel free to contact the director with any questions or Ivanna Fritz 758-8670.


All productions require a commitment from you and your student.  Students must attend ALL scheduled rehearsals and be punctual.  Please be aware that not every role is needed every day!  The rehearsal process is typically a 6-week process.  Students will generally have one early morning (school performances) and will be required to be at the theatre approximately one - one and a half hours before night performances.

Please turn in all paperwork and fees:  Medical Release/Parent Consent Form/Activity Fee
 Activity Fees:

1. All students who participate in Montana High School Association activities will be required to pay a $30.00 activity fee prior to their season’s first contest or performance. There is family cap of $180. There are fees for football, soccer, cross country, golf, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, swimming, track, softball, and tennis. Music students who participate in MHSA events in choir, band, and/or orchestra will only have to pay one fee for music.  In addition speech and drama students will only pay one fee for both activities. In addition, if a student pays an activity fee and is cut from a sport, we will credit them the amount paid. It is a priority in our district that as many students participate in activities as possible. If Activity Fees are an obstacle to participation in an activity, please speak with your coach/director, counselor, or activities director to discuss the possibility of waiving these fees(GHS Activity website).

General Information for the Process (may change)
Each director may change this but here are your rules of thumb; Students will be informed of changes!

·         Actors will have different schedules than technicians up until the last few weeks

·         Actors will be responsible for their own costumes and props

·         Technicians may have a several late rehearsals (6:30-9:30pm) or early morning rehearsals (7am - 8am) to set lights and/or build the set

·         Tickets are $5/students and seniors and $7/adults and may be purchased at the main office or PhotoVideoPlus  (typically 2 weeks before the performance)  PLEASE buy your tickets early!  It is very sad to see parents not have tickets for their own child's performance!

·         Students may NOT save seats in the theatre - first come first serve

·         T-shirt orders for students will be optional and pre-paid - Cost is between $10-12





Forms required once cast for All-School and All-District Productions:

Medical Release Form

Parent/Guardian & Student Consent Form

These students must also pay an activity fee to the activities office:

Activity Fee Information


 Class Productions:

*only a few out of class rehearsals are required

*forms are not required, but committment is

*please check schedules early!!

*information to the left under the General Information for Process is pertinent