Director's Handbook
The goal of our program is to create a positive experience for all involved in the process.  If you would feel complete without ever performing, we've done our jobs well.


William Ball’s book, A Sense of Direction is a great resource for you.  Here is a list of most commonly used practices over the years.  It is only a guideline.  Feel free to change these as needed.

Pre Audition Tasks:

  • Order script and discuss royalties with Ivanna Fritz
  • Prepare script
  • Create/alter audition form
  • Design set for class to build or pitch your vision to the class for set designs
  • Pick auditions scenes, copy and have available online and in the theatre classroom


  • Usually 2 nights at the approximate times of your rehearsals
  • Some type of overall schedule should be handed out for conflict portion of audition form
  • Auditions have been run the following way:  Director gives overview of show and process, kids leave the theatre and “rehearse” then come back in the theatre and sign up for order, then introduce themselves, hand the audition form to you and show you their scene.  It’s important that each student gets the same opportunity, so please remind the audience to be quiet and respectful, also try to give all a chance before allowing second reads.  (obviously, if there is no one waiting to audition and someone wants to read again, let them)
  • Once you have cast the actors and stage manager, give the forms that are marked as acting and tech to the Tech Director.  The Tech Director should have the “Tech Only” forms right away.
  • Post ALL cast and crew the morning following auditions


  • Post rehearsal schedules and contact information
  • Stay true to your schedule!  Start on time and end on time – we value everyone’s time and effort in this process. 
  • Update your schedule often with pages to be blocked/rehearsed
  • Collect t-shirt money and orders right away
  • Give t-shirt design and orders to Margo no later than 3 weeks before performance
  • Give Poster design to Margo no later than 3 weeks before performance
  • Give Director’s Notes to Margo no later than 2 weeks before performance
  • Schedule Pictures with Margo 1 week before performance
  • Give Tech Director a list of light ideas/changes as soon as possible
  • Create a cue sheet or talk to Stage Manager about creating this (lights and sound)


  • Open dressing rooms, theatre, etc.  before your call time
  • Set call time and post (communicate with Tech Director if actors and crew have different times)
  • Post a check-in sheet
  • Quiet Time should begin no later than 6:30pm with performance at 7pm
  • NO saving seats for anyone!  We are a first come, first serve theatre
  • During performance, you are welcome in the audience, catwalk, booth, wherever you feel most comfortable.
  • After performance, expedite the process of students leaving
  • Lock all doors before you leave




Technical Director


Magic Sheet Template

Forms  and info for the Director:

School Performances Information

Sample Audition Form

Sample Audition Form GHS

Sample Student Calendar


Sample of Light Needs for Tech Director


Stage Manager Duties Link