Wolfpack Theatre

Glacier High School, 375 Wolfpack Way, Kalispell, MT  59901

Director:  Ivanna Fritz  fritzi@sd5.k12.mt.us

"Theatre is a vehicle to learn about Life."  - David M. Hashley


The Three Musketeers Cast List!



Brandon Books


Tanner Byle


Jaclyn Rensel


Garner Dumas


Lane Armstrong

Bicarat/Sea Captin/Patrick

Josh Taira

De Treville/Beggar/Inn Keeper

Brian Peterson


Dwight Camillucci


Jason Martin


Donald Clark

King Louis/Jesuit

Logan Hendrix


Quinn Maroney


Izaak Castren


Shane St. Onge


Corri Smith


Lukas Dregne


Clayton McDougall

Queen Anne

Emily  Moore


Annika Hanson

Lord Dewinter/Musketeer

Tucker Connell

Kitty/Extra Musketeer

Aly Olson

Stage Manager

Brianna Larson

Percussion Master

Jesse Moore


ALL TECHIES will Hang/Focus Lights plus the following role:

Grips/possible fight extras                  Joel Horn

                                                                           Kyle Montgomery

                                                                           Christian Inabnit

Propmaster                                                  McKenzie Keck

Projectionist                                               Reegan Bennett

Light Board Operator                             Merissa Cameron

Sound Board Operator                           Tim Koenig

House Manager                                          Becky Catlett

See you on Monday March 28@ 3pm

Acting 4 Presents:
Alice in Wonderland Cast List


Alice – Tessa King

Chesire Cat – Abbey Filler

White Rabbit – Malina Workman

Caterpillar – Jake Rensel

Duchess – Kaitlyn Turner

Queen of Hearts – McKenzie Keck

King – Flint Martino

Knave – Tyson Howe

Mad Hatter – Jason Martin

March Hare – Brandon Simpson

Dormouse – Jessica Chapman

Tweedledee – Krista Anderson

Tweedledum – Emily Creighton

Humpty Dumpty – Aly Olson

Mock Turtle – Amanda Fraiser

Gryphon – Meshayla Block

Executioner – Mel Noble

Queens Men – Julia Salo

                             Nicole Bailor

                               Jessica Morlan

Flowers –      Julia Salo

                       Mel Noble

                            Nicole Bailor

                                 Jordan Ferguson


Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. This was a very hard choice and I hope everyone is as excited as we are.

It was very difficult to cast, but here it is - I'm so excited!
Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
An Acting 3 Production

Julius Caesar - Brandon Simpson

Mark Antony - Tanner Maroney

Calpurnia - Addie Molisee

Cicero/Plebian/Soldier - Josh Taira

Popilius/Messala/Soldier - Logan Mansell

Artemidorus/Plebian 4/Soldier - Aiyana Martino

Octavius /Plebian/Mob - Chris Magers

Lepidus/Soothsayer - Emily Creighton

Marcus Brutus - Shane St. Onge

Cassius - Clayton McDougall

Portia/Plebian - Taylor Linrude

Casca - Tucker Connell

Trebonius/Flavius/Mob - Lukas Dregne

Mettellus Cimber/Marullus/Mob - Tanner Byle

Ligarius/Titinius - Dwight Camillucci

Decius Brutus/Lucilius/Cato - Merissa Cameron

Titinius/Ligarius/Mob - Nate Higgins

Cinna/Voluminus - Brittanie Dull

Lucius/Strato/Servant - Katherine Jenkins

Cinna the Poet/Pindarus/Dardanius - Nicole Brist

Plebian 1/Soldier1/Varro - Tyson Howe

Plebian 2/Soldier 2/Clitus - Kyle Direito

Plebian 3/Claudius/Cobbler - Raisa Williams

Thanks to the 80 students who Auditioned for Cinderella!  Congratulations
Cast and Crew:

Cinderella –               Quinn Maroney

Prince –                       Draylen Askvig

King –                           Jason Martin

Queen –                        Tessa King

Stepmother –             Taylor Linrude

Portia –                       Keckeley Habel

Joy –                             Brittanie Dull

Godmother –             Amy Snipstead

Herald –                      Tanner Byle

Ensemble –

Brandon Books, Dwight Camillucci, Matthew Tucker Connell, Lukas Dregne, Michael Frye, Clayton mcdougall, Dillon Moes, Elliot Van Allen              

Krista Andersen   Becky Catlett    Emily Creighton
Rachel cutler      Annika Hanson   Acacia Langford
RaeAnna o’Myer   Grier Smithwick-Hann


STAGE MANAGERs - Reegan Bennett and Brandon simpson

HOUSE MANAGERs – Stefani buska   

LIGHT BOARD – Cole pierce

SOUND - tim Koenig and levi proctor

Prop master – Amanda fraiser

tECHNICIANS/grips – joel horn josh taira       

      halle Wilson  shane st. onge
Please meet for the first read-though Wed. 3:30-5 in the wolfpack theatre!!


The Glass Menagerie

Lion,the Witch, and the Wardrobe



The next auditions will be January 31 and February 1 for Cinderella!! 

More info to come



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Wolfpack Theatre Forms


Pictures of 2009-10 

  Calendar 2010-2011

 Sept. 18, 20, 21 All-School Production:(start time 6:33pm!)
The Glass Menagerie 
Auditions - August 23, 24  School Performances:  Sept. 17

Sept. 27-October 2 OSF - Staff only

December 14, 15 & 16 All-School Production:(start time 6:33pm!)
 Holiday Story Theatre Experience 
  Auditions - November 3 & 4 School Performances:  Dec. 14
January 10 & 11 Acting 3 Production: (start time 6:33pm!)
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Auditions - in class  School Performances:  Jan. 10-11
March 21, 22, 23, 24 All-School Production: (start time 7:00pm!)
Cinderella (the musical)
Auditions - Jan. 31 and Feb. 1  School Performances:  March 16
April 28, 29  Acting 4 Production: (start time 6:33pm!)
Auditions - in class  School Performances:  Jan. 10
May 10, 12, 14 All-School Production: (start time 7:00pm!)
Auditions - March 23 & 24  School Performances:  May 9
May 24 & 26 Acting 3 Production: (start time 6:33pm!)
Auditions - in class  School Performances:  May 23

June 1 Senior Project: (start time 6pm & 8pm!)
Auditions - TBA  School Performances:  None


We have three different types of productions:

All - School Productions (4 this year):  These shows have auditions that are open to ANY Glacier High Student that is eligible for activities (student has passed all courses the past semester and willing to commit to being drug and alcohol free for the course of the production) 

Class Productions (4 this year):  If the student has successfully completed the prerequisite class(es) and is signed up for either Acting 3, Acting 4, or Acting 5 the student is automatically cast in the show!  Auditions are held during class to determine roles, but stage time is guaranteed! Tech roles for the class productions will come from the Theatre Arts class or by application. 

Senior Project:  Started in 2009 with our first graduating class, the Senior Project gives students throughout Glacier High the opportunity to experience theatre "one last time".  This show consists of senior actors, directors and 2 juniors in varied roles to keep the tradition alive.  The show is free to the public.  The senior directors choose a charity to contribute to and patrons bring donations.  In 2009, art supplies were given to Hannah's Dream.  In 2010, 900 lbs of food were donated to the Flathead Food Bank.  This show is subject to the Wolfpack Theatre Director's approval.

Continuing the Tradition

     Our roots are still firm in Flathead High School.  From our facility to our commitment to excellence, the Wolfpack Theatre is proud to continue the traditions that have made Theatre in the Flathead Valley a unique and challenging experience for students and a spectacle for audiences. The Wolfpack Theatre is more than just a facility, it is a concept and a philosophy to learn.  Our facility is perfect for educational theatre.  In a 60'X60' Black Box Theatre, students and directors have flexiblity in staging and design.  One show may be Theatre-in-the-Round, with the audience on all sides, while the next show you attend may look much more like the configuration at a basketball game!  With this dynamic design, creativity is endless.  If kids can dream it, we can make it a reality.  This program will blossom and grow for years to come. 


Theatre Camp
Spectacular job on The Little Mermaid, kids!

Don't forget to wear your shirt to a show!

 We loved our trip to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival 

Directors and Participants: here are the 




General Information

Doors open half an hour before curtain.

Tickets available at

GHS Main Office or Photo Video Plus

$5/students & seniors $7/adults

Although we don't allow flash photography during the show,

All Photos are archived at Photo Video Plus


in Review

Pictures of 2009-10

Arsenic and Old Lace
Peter Pan
Great Playwrights
The Sting
The Girl Who Was Asked to Turn Blue
Phantom Tollbooth
Senior Project:
  (500) Days of Summer

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2009-2010 Shows

2008-09 in Review

 Pictures of 2008-09

Porcelain & Pink Revisited
And Then They Came For Me
A Christmas Story
Closer Than Ever
My Son Susie
Singin' in the Rain
All My Sons
Our Town
Senior Project:
The Dark Knight

Check out

The first year!

Pictures of The Tempest, It's a Wonderful Life, Untold Stories, Brother's Grimm, Zink, James & the Giant Peach



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Theatre Courses offered at Glacier High School Look in the English Section of this Registration Handbook.  Page 40 has all of the Theatre options.


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