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Fall 2007-Spring 2008

 Go Wolf Pack!!

 Welcome everyone, you are the few, the brave, the Anatomy & Physiology Students!

The purpose of this website is to keep you informed and abreast of what's going on in class as well as my lecture notes and power points.  I will try to keep this site up to date and will post the reviews and labs to be brought to class.


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 Chapter 1: Anatomical words, planes and directions


Chap 1: Review

Chap 2: Chemistry

Chap 3: cell

 Chapter 8 study guide

 Chapter 5 Test: Pictures

Anatomy Final study guide

Honors Anatomy Study guide

Chap 9 study guide

Chapter 10 study guide 

Final Anatomy Study guide

Pharmacy Class: Chapter 3 Test

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Test 1: Periods 1 & 3 on Sept 26

Periods 2 & 4 Sept 26