Cyberspiracy YA Thrillers YABook

I'm from the government, and I'm here to help, 'cause on the Net, it's a Cyberspiracy.

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100, a Utopian thriller about a society dominated by women. May peace be with you.

Word Wizardry for Writers, a concise guide to useful features of Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac for writers of fiction and non-fiction alike.

Zazztra: Gift from the Stars, book 1 of a New Adult superheroine series.

Zazztra: Glowing Future, book 2 of a New Adult superheroine series.

CyberSpiracy, To stop Armageddon, a petite hacktress in pink battles a delusional acting president and her murderous minions.

CyberFurry, To stop all-out war between the USA and China, a hacktress in pink and her furry friend fight cybermurderers who knocked out power to millions.

Hedged Heart, A hedge fund manager struggles to trust the men stealing her heart or her investments.

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