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100, a Utopian thriller about a society dominated by women. May peace be with you.

How to Simplify Self-Publishing and Save Your Hair, a guide to self-publishing by starting your book production with the Draft2Digital platform and other free tools.

Word Wizardry for Writers, a concise guide to useful features of Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac for writers of fiction and non-fiction alike.

Zazztra: Gift from the Stars, book 1 of a New Adult superheroine series.

Zazztra: Glowing Future, book 2 of a New Adult superheroine series.

CyberSpiracy, To stop Armageddon, a petite hacktress in pink battles a delusional acting president and her murderous minions.

CyberFurry, To stop all-out war between the USA and China, a hacktress in pink and her furry friend fight cybermurderers who knocked out power to millions.

Hedged Heart, A hedge fund manager struggles to trust the men stealing her heart or her investments.

Cover of Wolf O'Rourc's CyberSpiracy showing pink-haired Cowabunga Dude with Leia, her laptop, and a quadcopter drone flying overhead

Hot pink hair can't hide you from high-tech hitmen

(Interactive with multi-media extensions)

A lonely sixteen-year-old girl.

Two dangerous worlds.

One election to rule them all.

She flees from bullying into her dream world of dashing master spy dolls, blue-haired Katy Perry Barbies, and pink Hello Kitty dresses. But behind the virtual disguise of six-foot-four hunk Cowabunga Dude, she hacks her way across the Dark Net.

A Presidential video falls into her laptop and puts her pink paradise in peril. When the clandestine worlds of hacking and military technology collide, to rescue her secret crush, she faces the toughest decision of her young life.

Love or War?

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Cover of Wolf O'Rourc's How to Simplify Self-Publishing and Save Your Hair showing a bald man ripping out his hair

The Easy way from Text to E-Book and Paperback

Simplify self-publishing and save your hair by starting your book production with the Draft2Digital platform and other free tools like Paint.net, KDP Cover Creator, BkLnk, Kindle Create, or Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator.

Whether you write stories or self-help, exclusively for Amazon or go wide to Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Tolino, Vivlio and others, free tools can save you time and tresses.

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