Since 1954, the Benjamin and Fredora K. Wolf Memorial Foundation has provided needs-based college scholarships to Philadelphia high school graduates starting in their freshmen year in college and renewable annually until college graduation.

Scholarship for 2017-18 school year will be $1,500

Eligibility for first-time (freshmen) scholarship:
1. Philadelphia city residency

2. Yearly family income of $50,000 or less for family with one child, $55,000 for two children, $60,000 for three, and so on rising by $5,000 for each additional child

3. SAT minimum total of 1,000 in three tests or 700 in two tests; or ACT equivalents

4. Required high-school course in algebra with minimum grade C

5. Unconditional acceptance to an accredited college/university as full-time student

6. Full completion of our application and submission of essay and supporting documents by May 31

Find our first-time application here

Eligibility for renewal (upper classmen) scholarship:  

1. Maintenance of 2.0 GPA each semester

2. Full-time enrollment and completion each semester at an accredited college or university

3. Each semester, submission of transcript of courses taken that semester and a roster for the next semester

4. Complete submission of renewal application by June 30 each year for full award, or by July 31 for reduced award. No applications accepted after July 31.

Find our renewal application here