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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Claudia Black Guests on Moonlight

Claudia Black (Officer Aeryn Sun) will have a guest appearance on the season finale of Moonlight.  (For a spoilerific read, take a look hereWarning, site is not for minors.)  This episode is set to air Friday, May 16th.  

The Farscape Cognoscente's DVR will be set to record this, despite the Cognescente never having seen the show before.   

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Farscape Soundtrack Vol 3 Released 

La La Land Records releases the third volume of Farscape soundtracks. 

A limited edition with the composer's autograph are also available.

For a limited time, the first two volumes of Farscape Classics are available for the special low price of $15.98 each.

This third volume has music from The Choice (Episode 3.17) and The Locket (Episode 2.16).  This latter episode is one of the Cognoscente's favorite episodes, with what the Cognoscente believes is the nicest music.