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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Ben Browder To Make Chicago Appearance 

From Gateworld comes news that Ben Browder is signed to appear at the Stargate Convention in Chicago, August 25 - 27.  (Those are the dates posted at Gateworld.  The actual dates at the convention's website are August 22 - 24.  This makes more sense, since they fall on a weekend.  The 25th through 27th are on weekdays.)

This is a Creation Entertainment sponsored convention.  Creation boasts that this will be his first convention appearance in Chicago, as well as his first appearance at a Stargate convention.

From Gateworld:  "This convention will be on the heels of the second SG-1 DVD release, Stargate: Continuum, currently slated for July."

The venue for this Con is the O'Hare Wyndham, on Mannheim in Rosemont.  Old timer 'Scapers will remember this as the scene of the unforgettable 'ScaperCon 2003.