Teens Ministry

Bible Study

Sunday School Teens: Bro Steve leads The Way of Life Teens through the study of God's Word that can impact and change their lives. It is his desire for the teens to grow to be more like Jesus Christ

Sunday Night Teens
Sunday nights starts at 5:00pm and goes thru 7:00 p.m.  Every Sunday night, the Way of Life Teens meet for games, a Bible study time with Bro Scott, and we end the night with a full meal that is provided by the church for the teens.

Essential Characteristics of Teens 4 Christ

The following characteristics are essential to having a successful teen ministry. We strive to keep these at the forefront in Teens 4 Christ.
  • God Centered: In a culture that celebrates self, and during a time of life when people are naturally egocentric, youth ministry must be clearly all about God. The shift from God-centeredness to man-centeredness can be subtle. It can even come in the name of good ministry practices. The biblical youth ministry, however, will maintain an exclusive reverence and passion for God that He deserves.
  • Gospel Driven: Impact does not merely trying to manage behavior in order to produce good kids. Instead, it strives to let the message of the gospel fundamentally transform the teens' lives in a way that will extend past their six years in the youth group.
  • Relationship Nurtured: Christ is nurtured by intentional relationships between adult leaders and among the teens themselves. Leaders are aware of the spiritual needs of the teens, and will love them enough to exhort them, uplift them and confront them.
  • Parents Involvement: The parents are involved by letting them know what is being taught, and communicating with them how their children are growing, and struggles their children are experiencing. Youth leaders pray with and for the parents of the teens.
  • Teen Impact: The youth ministry is fun and exciting. Teen Impact reaches the teens where they are right now. The leaders strive to learn the teens and the world they live in.

Scriptural Foundation of Youth Ministry
Before Christ ascended to heaven, he charged his followers to be witnesses of Him throughout the entire world (Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:19-20). This charge to protect and proclaim the truth about Jesus applies not only to the apostles of the first century, but also to the church of Christ for all ages. This is the central mission of the church (Galatians 1:6-9; Philippians 1:7), and it must give shape to everything the church does. The way that local churches carry out this command is by making and maturing true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Mission of Teens 4 Christ:
Making and Maturing True Disciples of Jesus Christ
This mission statement--making and maturing true disciples of Jesus Christ--applies not only to the local church as a whole, but to each subgroup that makes up the local church. The mission statement of the youth ministry at The Way of Life Baptist Church is basically a recasting of Christ's charge to the church on that day he ascended to heaven.
  • God-loving: Makes relationship with God the priority; heart belongs to God
  • Word-filled: Keeps a consistent devotional life; makes Bible-informed decisions
  • Ministry-minded: Focus of life is on serving God and others; service in the church is a non-negotiable
  • Disciple-making: Witnessing is a regular part of life; takes initiative to disciple younger Christians
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