Live Stream and Archive of Sunday Services

We want to offer our assurance that we respect the privacy of our church families and will not be recording or broadcasting portions of our service that are considered private; such as “show of hands”, “alter call”, …etc.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Upcoming Service : Sunday-July 30, 2017 at 11am (Click Here)

Past Services:

 Date Title Service Link
 Sermon Link
 July 23, 2017 "The Tokens of the Lord"
Pastor L.E. Godwin
w/Special Music by Full Reliance
36th Church Homecoming
(Homecoming Video Click Here)
 Service Sermon
 July 16, 2017
 "God's Wish List For The Way of Life"
Pastor Scott Tucker
 Service Sermon
 July 9, 2017
 "The Good Shepherd"
Pastor Matt Hollman
Shepherd's Place Children's Home
 July 2, 2017
 "What is Right with America?"
Pastor Scott Tucker
 Service Sermon
June 25, 2017
 "Real Deal Christianity"
Pastor Scott Tucker
 Service Sermon