The Way of Life Church library is a wealth of spiritual information offering Christian guidance and growth. We offer Christian fiction, non-fiction which includes biographies, autobiographies and devotional books. There are up-to-date magazines such as: Focus on the Family, Biblical Archaeology Review, and others. The library offers family-oriented DVD's such as "Courageous", "Fireproof". The library knows the importance of reading to children and teaching them to come to the library to check out their own books and material. We have a wonderful selection of children's books and DVD's. There are books for our teens who have shown an interest in our library. We are always seeking new selections(see above) for the whole family.

The church library works like a county or school library and is opened during church hours. You may come in and select your books or videos and write your name on the card in the back of the book and drop it in the basket on the desk. There is no limit to the number of books you may check out. Donations which are appropriate reading material are gladly accepted. Also suggestions for books or videos anyone would like to have ordered see our church librarian.