Back in July of 1981, God led Pastor L.E. Godwin to plant The Way of Life Baptist Church in Clayton, NC. The very first service was Sunday, July 26, 1981. God led 72 people to the service that day and that was just the beginning of God’s blessings upon the church.

In July of 2013, God led Pastor L.E. and Mrs. Judy to retire from full-time pastoring. God had led Pastor Scott Tucker and his family to the church in July of 2012. Pastor Tucker served alongside of Pastor L.E. for one year, and on Sunday, June 23, 2013, Pastor Scott was voted on as the new pastor of The Way of Life.

Pastor L.E. is the Pastor Emeritus of The Way of Life and is a constant blessing to Pastor Tucker and to the church family at The Way of Life.


Way of Life Baptist Church-32 years 2013