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News & Important Updates

WOHDA would like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to Marjorie-Anne Macleod Dent, Vice President and Jamie Maclean, Treasurer for their years of service to WOHDA in their various positions.  We are forever grateful and will miss you both dearly.

WOHDA would like to congratulate Amanda Birtch in her new role as Vice President and Sue Brown as Interim Treasurer.  We are overjoyed to welcome you both to our WOHDA team. 

The 2019-2020 WOHDA Membership form is available online here


Thank you to those that attended our recent AGM.  The winner of the Tim's card was Shari Van Vugt.

WOHDA is currently looking for individuals to the fill the position of Awards Coordinator.  Please contact Megan Leonard at wohdadance@gmail.com if you are interested!

Due to some reported negative behaviour in the marshalling area at one of our recent spring competitions, WOHDA would like to remind all members of the SDC Code of Ethics.

When a Highland dancer acts in an unethical manner it reflects not only on the individual but also on the organization(s) with which the dancer is registered. In order to ensure the integrity of Highland Dancing in Canada and around the world, dancers registered with ScotDance Canada must conduct themselves in an ethical and respectful manner.  Misconduct will only create a sense of ill-will within the organization, the community as a whole and within dance schools.  In time, this “ill-will” will hurt our national dance community.

Key Elements of Ethical Conduct; 
  • Read the Code of Ethics and question any item you do not understand. Encourage those in your support network to do the same. The actions of your support network will reflect either positively or negatively on you.    
  • Support the other competitors and promote the concept of everyone doing their best. Competition is all about achieving a personal best performance.
  • Always promote a positive attitude.
  • Demonstrate respect at all time towards those involved in Highland Dancing.
  • Remember, in competition only one person can win but everyone can be a successful dancer. Concentrate on your goals and respect the goals and pursuance of those goals by your peers.
  • Listen to your professional member with respect. 
  • Do not argue or complain about the decisions made by those in authority. They see a bigger picture than you do. Remember you are a part of the competition, not the competition.
  • Take personal responsibility for the outcome of a competition. Analyze the situation and make changes accordingly. Don’t blame others. 
  • Never discuss your disappointments and displeasure in open forums for everyone to hear. This includes and is not restricted to on-line chat-rooms and web sites.
  • Never direct or employ abusive, offensive or demeaning tactics with those involved in Highland dancing.
  • Never jeopardize the privacy of your fellow competitors.
  • Never impede the preparation for competition by your fellow competitors.
  • Always act in fairness and integrity in your pursuit of excellence.

See the Rules & Regulations page for details on: Teaching / Judging Rule and New Scrutineering Points - Effective January 1, 2017

See the Rules & Regulations page for details on: ScotDance Canada's Important Qualifying Rule Change for the Canadian Championship - Effective Immediately

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Our Mission

Founded in 1968 by Jenny MacLachlan, WOHDA supports highland dance in Western Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to continuously pursue excellence in Highland Dance for its members; offering workshops, competitions and championships to assist dancers in achieving their dance goals.

"Dancing with the feet is one thing ...
dancing with the heart is another"

Our Website Community is Your Guide to:

  • Membership, participation and volunteer opportunities
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For additional information and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Megan Leonard, our WOHDA Administrator at wohdadance@gmail.com.

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