Duties for GreenKeeping Team

During the summer season 3 teams work to maintain the main green and the artificial green.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, meeting at 9.00am, led by an experienced greenkeeper; duties are to cut the grass, cut the edges and move position of the rinks. As needed the grass is deep spiked, scarified, and treated with pesticide/fertiliser.

The artificial green is regularly hoovered, and the ditches cleared.

In the winter the work is more limited.

The Dewey team

Come along on non-cutting days to brush away the dew to prevent the grass becoming scorched. This is an early morning task for one person each week; coming along once every 12/14 weeks.

The flat iron team.

Using our new sit- upon roller, it is fun to do.

This is a two-person duty, for safety, to be carried out twice a week, again on a rota basis.

Full training will be given.

Any questions, please contact me.

John Hendy

Tel: 01908 675936      email: jmhendy271@btinternet.com

Greens pdf

Dewey pdf

Greens Roster 2018

Day                    Names                                         Tasks                        Cutting from

Monday            Dave McGarragh                        Cut                            NNE or ESE

                           Bill Errington                       Move rinks to red          Left of diagonal

                           Chris Tett                                  Bin out

                           Kit Brook                                   Rolling *


                                                          Artificial green if needed and possible                                                                




Wednesday      John Ward                                   Cut                            NNW or ENE

                           John Tew                                   Edge green              Right of diagonal

                           Cliff Hale                            Move rinks to blue

                           Richard Parish                          Collect bin

                                                            Artificial green if needed and possible



Friday               Geoff Cooke                               Cut                              N-S  or E-W

                           Bertie Henry                              Move rinks

                          Peter Bellingham                       Brush*

                          Jim Smart                                    Scarify* / verticut*

                           John Hendy                               Rolling*



                                                         Artificial green if needed and possible




                                                                              *As required

Thanks for helping 

John Hendy  Greenkeeper

01908 675936

0792 2155079

Dewey Rota Summer 2018

                   START DATE   SUNDAY                                                                          NAME

                    25th March                                                                                             John Hendy     

                    1stApril                                                                                                    John Hendy

                    8th April                                                                                                  Bob Johnson

                    15th April                                                                                                Peter Ruffle

                    22nd April                                                                                               Dave McGarragh

                    29th April                                                                                                Peter Bellingham

                    6th May                                                                                                   Geoff Cooke

                   13th May                                                                                                   Des James

                    20th May                                                                                                  Jim Smart

                    27th May                                                                                                 Bill Errington     

                     3rd June                                                                                                  Richard Parish

                    10th June                                                                                                  Chris Tett                  

                    17th June                                                                                                 John Ward

                    24th June                                                                                                 Cliff Hale

                    1st July                                                                                                      John Hendy 

                    8th July                                                                                                     Bob Johnson

                    15th July                                                                                                   Peter Ruffle

                    22nd July                                                                                                  Dave McGarragh                      

                    29th July                                                                                                  Peter Bellingham       

                    5th August                                                                                               Geoff Cooke

                    12th August                                                                                             Des James   

                   19th August                                                                                              Jim Smart

                   26th August                                                                                              Bill Errington

                   2nd September                                                                                        Richard Parish 

                   9th September                                                                                         Chris Tett                

                   18th September                                                                                         John Ward

Thanks for helping. If you are unable to make your week, please swap and amend this notice. During your week, please telephone the next person to remind them of the Dewey.

John   Hendy

01908 675936