Duties for GreenKeeping Team

During the summer season 3 teams work to maintain the main green and the artificial green.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, meeting at 9.00am, led by an experienced greenkeeper; duties are to cut the grass, cut the edges and move position of the rinks. As needed the grass is deep spiked, scarified, and treated with pesticide/fertiliser.

The artificial green is regularly hoovered, and the ditches cleared.

In the winter the work is more limited.

The Dewey team

Come along on non-cutting days to brush away the dew to prevent the grass becoming scorched. This is an early morning task for one person each week; coming along once every 12/14 weeks.

The flat iron team.

Using our new sit- upon roller, it is fun to do.

This is a two-person duty, for safety, to be carried out twice a week, again on a rota basis.

Full training will be given.

Any questions, please contact me.

John Hendy

Greens Rota 2019

Dewey Rota Winter 2019/20