Duties for Gardening Volunteers

When you volunteer to do gardening for the club you will work in a team and be allocated a specific part of the garden.  Most of the work will be weeding and watering the beds and keeping the shrubs into a good shape.  It will also entail weeding the paved areas in front of the beds.  Some people will also mow the side beds. You are free to work your allocated plot as you choose, and one hour a week should be all that is needed(of course, if you want to do more there are always jobs to do).  We also all meet twice a year for pruning and tidying up the gardens.  You may also need to keep your eye on your plot throughout the Winter.

If you have any queries, please contact me, Brian Norwood

Tel: 01908 582381      email: norwood43@btinternet.com

Garden Rota pdf

Gardening Rota 2018






Chri&Brian Norwood

01908 582381

Top gate/behind clubhouse/spraying/overseeing


Gordon Snape

01525 292602

Car Park/sweeping and kept clean


L&M Geddes

019082 82830

Car park hedge S near green fence


Mike Ladell

Ron Pocock

019085 84381

01525 729778

Beds between greens /paving in front of beds


Des James

Raymond Bevis

Christopher & M Milsom

01908 583835

01525 290460

01908 618910


Weeding & caring for the bed at the bottom of the green near the artificial green and paving


Fran Parish

Richard Parish

01908 674710

Entrance to the club the bed and front of hedge on the left hand side of gate.


Michael  & Anne Papworth

01908 583307

Entrance to the club the bed right hand side of  entrance gate


Bill&Lin Vorley

01908 281949

Laurel hedge inside green fence + weeding paths in front


Joe McAllister

Gill Norris

01908 282980

01908 672615

Bottom bed and behind bottom shed and paving


Barry Wilson

Lyn Hunter

Annie Bircham

01525 853197

01908 318142

01525 792776

High bank

Car park hedges


Roy Baker

John Soave

Trevor Doolan


01908 582854

01908 582319

Paving around the club house

And left of green


Paul Hamer

01908 587649



David Biles

Colin Rodwell

Dave Heller

01908 582469

01908 582811


Mowing High Bank left of green and grass behind artificial green


Bryan Perry

01908 582551

Roving supervision

Thank you for offering to help to keep the club gardens cared for. Our chairman asked me to remind you that everyone must contribute to the club to make it run smoothly and it is important to keep your area weed free and looking good. There are 29 of us to work to tend the areas, we will be divided into twelve teams.  Each group will be allotted and area to look after.  These areas will be numbered on the small map given to you.  Most of the work will be weeding and watering the beds, also weeding the paved areas in front of the beds. Please make yourself familiar with the plants/shrubs.  If they look unhappy, need water or insect attack tell Brian.  Most of the special pruning will be done in the Spring as will early spraying if needed. Tools are in the shed, key in the clubhouse.  Current information will be on the notice board on the wall in the shed.  Please return all tools clean after use. 

FIRST AID BOX  is in the club house in the green box left of door.

You are free to work your allotted plot as you choose.  An hour weekly should be all that is needed once you have settled into your job but look for ‘special work days’.

Thanks, Brian Norwood.