Duties for Catering Vounteers

Volunteering for Catering means you are prepared to help provide refreshments for club matches.

You will be called upon 4 or 5 times a season, perhaps less, to provide tea and biscuits during the match and a light meal at the end of the match for the teams playing. Sometimes only tea and biscuits is provided.

On the day you will be part of a team of 3 or 4. An experience member of your team will shop for all the food/drinks required.

Matches are played on weekend afternoons, weekday evenings and a few on weekday afternoons.

You will normally arrive at the club at the same time as the game is beginning. Tables will need to be laid and the meal prepared. It is for each catering team to decide on the meal it is providing - this can be hot or cold (salad) and is made up of a main course and a pudding.

There is a budget to work to, no more than the home match fee, which, works out at £2.00 per head currently.  There is normally enough food to provide the caterers with a meal as well.

After the meal tables are cleared and utensils washed. The clubhouse has a modern kitchen with an up to date cooker and commercial dish washer. You may be asked to take a few tea towels home to wash.

A rota is drawn up at the start of the season. Inevitably you may not be available for all of your nominated duties, but we ask that you arrange a swap with another volunteer and amend the master rota which is posted on the club notice board.

If you have any queries, please contact Jenny Wilson

Tel: 01525 853197      email: barjen1@talktalk.net

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