Duties for Volunteer Bar Persons

There are two distinct periods during the year for the bar:

During the summer period, when the bowls green is open – approximately from mid-April to the end of September – the bar is opened each weekday evening from 6.00 pm and stays open, as required, until approximately 10.00pm latest, but earlier if not required.  A rota is established from the volunteer list after discussion with individuals, and this usually involves a maximum of one evening each week, together with possibly one afternoon/evening (per season) in a weekend to run the bar for a match.

During the winter period, when the bowls green is closed, the bar is opened only for social events.  A rota is not drawn up and volunteers are requested to offer to assist, as required, at events they are attending.

All new volunteers will be given full verbal training and instruction, and a bar key, prior to taking up duties, and will be introduced to an experienced bar person on their rota to assist with any queries.

If you have any questions or queries about the bar duties, please contact me, Peter Ruffle, on 01908 583578, or by email paruffle@aol.com.

Bar rota pdf

Evening Bar Rota



MONDAY:           STEVE WRIGHT                 RUSSELL TUCKER            RICHARD PARISH          FRAN PARISH

TUESDAY:           JUNE PAYNE                      MICK PAYNE                     ANDY THORNE              JANICE WINDON

WEDNESDAY:     PETER RUFFLE                   DOROTHY RUFFLE           RICK HOBBS                   PHILIP FLOWER

THURSDAY:        JENNY WILSON                BARRY WILSON                GEOFF JORDAN             CHRIS JORDAN

FRIDAY:               STEPH McPHERSON        ELAINE HELLER                 DAVID HELLER               ERIC HING/GEOFF COOKE


Normally two people from each evening team should be on duty and it is left that teams will liaise, as necessary, as to attendance.



Bar to be opened and ready to serve by 6.00pm and to stay open, as required until approximately 10.00pm latest.  If no customers by 7.30pm, close bar, see below.

Match Day Rota

         WEEKEND BAR ROTA 2018

Sunday                29th April                             Wilstead                                            Steve Wright

Sunday                 6th May                              Linslade                                             Russell Tucker

Saturday              19th May                             Wolverton Park                               Fran and Richard Parish

Sunday                 20th May                             Bletchley Town                                June and Mick Payne

Saturday              26th May                             Sharnbrook                                       Andy Thorne

Sunday                3rd June                               Aylesbury Town                              Jan Windon and Steph


Sunday                 10th June                             Leighton Buzzard                             Rick Hobbs                        

Sunday                 17th June                             Buckingham West End                  Philip Flower

Sunday                 24th June                             Wing                                                   Dorothy and Peter Ruffle

Monday               2nd July                               Ladies - BBA v Oxon                       Dorothy and Peter Ruffle

Sunday                 15th July                              Winslow                                            Geoff Jordan

Saturday              28th July                              Scots                                                  Chris Jordan

Saturday                4th August                         Cheddington                                     Jenny and Barry Wilson

Sunday                 12th August                        Flitwick                                              Elaine and David Heller

Saturday              18th August                        Kempston H                                     Geoff Cooke

Sunday                 26th August                        Waddesdon                                      Eric Hing

Saturday                1st September                  Barton-le-Clay                                  Steve Wright

Saturday              22nd September                 Ampthill                                             Russell Tucker

Saturday              29th September                 Redbourn                                          Fran and Richard Parish

Saturday                6th October                      Leighton Buzzard                             June and Mick Payne