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Company Information & Club Rules

    In 2012 Woburn Sands Bowls Club become a Company Limited by Guarantee. A Company gives the club a separate legal identity to its members. The Company has entered into a tenancy agreement to secure the long - term future of the club. Each member guarantees to pay a small amount if the club becomes insolvent or a claim is brought against it. The members will not be liable other than the amount of the guarantee which is £1 (unless they have broken company law).
    The Club is registered in accordance with the Companies Acts, which impose certain statutory responsibilities on the directors. The constitution (known as the Articles of Association) is more complicated than the rules of the old unincorporated club because the Companies' provisions need to be included. The Articles of Association is a public document filed at Companies House.

    The Directors have duties to promote the success of the company, to act in the best interests of the company and to comply with the Articles of Association. 

    In accordance with The Articles of Association the Executive Committee, as Directors of the Company, have a duty to set rules for the proper conduct and management of the Company. The Rules include membership matters, the constitution and election of the Executive Committee, the conduct of general meeting, the role of the General ("Company") Secretary and the Treasurer, Child Protection Policy and the Dissolution of the Company.