Dress code

Dress Code from June 2019


1. All players are to look reasonably smart at all times. They are not required to wear clothing from a bowls manufacturer but these are approved by Bowls England and provide a good guide.

2. The club captains will be the arbiter of what is acceptable. If a member feels any action taken is insufficient, they should put the matter in a letter or email to the club secretary, who will then ensure the matter is discussed at the next committee meeting. 

All Matches

Bowls England recommended manufacturers’ coloured bowls shoes. White, brown, or grey bowls shoes, produced by manufacturers other than Bowls England recommended.

Pullovers, cardigans, body warmers, jackets, waterproofs, and headgear should be white. Adopted club green jackets may be worn. Ladies may also wear green pullovers/cardigans. 

Prestige Matches e.g. Bucks Cup or Trundell

Grey or white trousers, skirts or crops with Club Shirts. Blazers optional. 

Friendly Matches against other clubs, personal county matches

Grey or white trousers, skirts, shorts or crops with Club Shirts. Blazers optional. 

Internal club only matches

Grey or white trousers, skirts, shorts or crops with mainly white or Club Shirts. 

Finals Day

White trousers or skirts, shorts or crops with Club Shirts.

Match officials should have blazer with white shirt and tie or club shirts.


Grey or white trousers, shorts, crops or skirts with white tops. Other clothing is permitted provided it is not bright or garish. Cargo trousers, cargo shorts, mini shorts and jeans are not permitted. Where other matches are scheduled, players' attire should blend in.       


Visitors to the club are exempt from these requirements but must wear flat shoes that will not damage the green. 


1. Check you know the correct dress for the occasion - and wear it.
2. Make sure you know the starting time of the game and arrive in sufficient time to change and be ready to start on the green at the appointed time
3. In a team game, arrive in time to welcome your guests.
4. Players should use the steps provided when going on and off the green.
5. Bowls should not be dropped on the green.
6. Do not sit or stand on the steps or verges.
7. Shake hands with you opponents before and after the game.
8. Matches, cigarette ends, etc., should be placed in the litter baskets and not in the ditches.
9. There should be no smoking on the greens at Woburn Sands.
10. Bowls should not be kicked in until after the head has been decided.
11. After delivering a bowl, a player should either retire behind the mat or advance to the head. He should not take up a position in between.
12. Don't delay the game.
13. Don't wander around or move about the head when a player is about to deliver a bowl.
14. If you are responsible, for keeping the score, compare your card with your opponents at regular intervals. If score-boards are in use, ensure it concurs with the scorecards.
15. Do not infringe the laws of rink possession.
16. Unless you have been delegated to decide the shots at the completion of an end, do not interfere in any way with this process. (Usually it is the third who decides in a fours, and the second who decides in a pairs or triples.)
If an umpire has been called, stay well clear of the head until a decision has been made
17. If you lose the game remember to congratulate your opponent.
18. Bowling is a friendly game and all players should show courtesy and good sportsmanship.
19. Never be heard to criticise the green or your opponent.
20. Acknowledge a "fluke" and commend an opponent's good bowl.
21. All bowlers should know the rules as laid down by the World Bowls Board.
22. Mobile Phones should not be used on or around the green.